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What’s Up With Roy Masters?

Roy Masters is quite a controversial chap. Loved by some, lambasted by others, Roy has been running his “advice line” radio talk show counselling service since 1961, and has helped thousands gain clarity and insight into their human condition, helped many traumatised souls, including veteran soldiers with PTSD. Being a no-holds-barred kind of guy, with a distinctly religious fervour, Roy gets quite a lot of bad press. What’s up with that? Is he a bad man, or just misunderstood.

Roy Masters, was born Reuben Obermeister in 1928, into a family of Jewish diamond cutters of the famous Hatton Gardens district in London. As he grew up, Reuben was involved in the diamond business for a while, following the established family path before he attended a Vaudeville stage hypnotist event in Brighton which would change the path of his life forever. Amazed at the power of suggestion the hypnotist held, Reuben moved to the United States and became Roy Masters the master hypnotist and spent a number of years practicing hypnosis on his patients.

The story goes that he saw that the majority of the population were already hypnotised in their daily lives, and he wanted to help to de-hypnotise them, to help them to return to a more natural state, a state of grace with God. The insights gained in hypnosis have given Masters an acute awareness of the fallabilities of the human spirit, the roots of addictive behaviour, sickness and suffering (which his hypnosis patients were most likely seeking relief from), and the importance of family and particularly fathers when growing up. Masters has very strong, dividing opinions on these subjects.

From what I can gather, Masters is a spiritual but not religious man, and his opinions tend to appeal with those with formal religious training, and grate on those with none. He quotes the bible frequently, and is steeped in biblical terminology. Roy understands God and love, though his delivery and his approach is uniquely his. He is right when he says “you won’t hear this stuff anywhere else” and that is refreshing.

If you can look past his somewhat brash approach (for a man in his late eighties, Roy Masters is not pulling any punches, he tells it how he sees it), if you can listen without the judgement that Masters himself often employs when dealing with his own audience, you can hear his wisdom, his understanding, and most of the time (when he’s not getting frustrated and calling people “stupid jerks”) his love for humanity, and for God.

I’m am a seeker of the truth, a sensitive soul, touched by life in a way that I have been seeking a return to my connection with spirit for years, and so I relate to Roy Masters, and his message. Years before I could put it in to words, I was looking for a re-connection with the good feelings of my childhood. I therefore enjoy listening to different opinions, especially those who take the path less travelled, those who speak with fervour, and come out with alternative thinking (the majority of the press is saying the same thing, and it is not the truth in any way shape or form). I find Roy Masters’ ideas thought-provoking, but dare I say it, it is a bit too religious (and by that I mean ‘yukky’ feeling at times), the attitude of “I’m right and you’re wrong”, that all religions seems to adopt.

Call it “tough love” if you want, but there is something disturbing about Roy’s delivery which is bordering on bullying. I understand why he has to cut people off, or be tough with them, but he could be more loving. He needs to preserve his opinion over those who disagree with him, and do he comes across as judgemental. It is his unyielding attitude of “I’m right, and you’re wrong”, I’m quite sure, which has led many to ask is Roy Masters as a cult leader? He’s not a cult leader, but what he’s saying is tainted with a negativity which reveals his true nature. There’s something dark in there, something a bit sinister about the man. He speaks of love, and of getting the ego out of the way, and then in the same breath starts pushing against those who dislike his methods and saying “Nobody messes with Roy Masters”. Mmmmmm.

Law of Attraction – the Only thing Worth Knowing

Gaining a continually increasing understanding of the Law of Attraction (about the only thing that is worth studying), and having spent many many hours of my life listening to Esther Hicks’s Teachings of Abraham, I feel well grounded in the notion that You get what you think about.

Think of the human being as a radio-transmitter-receiver, with the ability to think (tune into) whatever vibe it chooses. As the mind focusses, thoughts, words and deeds which match the essence of the vibe of that thought are attracted to the thinking individual.

If you speak of love and appreciation until you feel it resonating throughout your body, your being will resonate with love, more thoughts of love will come, loving people will greet you, and your day will be a good one filled with the good feelings of love. Most people don’t realise that they can deliberately conjure a feeling of love just by focussing on the feeling of love, or by making a decision to focus on things to love and appreciate rather than on things to criticise.

Alternatively, you could choose to feel a sense of paranoia or fear about the world, that something is out to get you, and not only will more paranoid thoughts come to your mind, but you will attract paranoid people, and situations which contribute to your sense of paranoia. You might want to destroy evil, but you can’t. When you push against anything, you associate yourself with it, and you ask for it to come to you. If you learn anything in life, learn this.

How Do You Sort it All Out?

The one overarching factor which makes this world make sense, and something which I have learned from Esther Hicks, is that good feels good, and bad feels bad. Our emotions will guide us if we care about how we feel.

God is Love. We each have the spirit of God inside us, which has an opinion about whatever we are giving our attention to in any moment in time. That opinion is either matched by us, or not, and we can feel the level of agreement or disagreement of our own opinion with the opinion of our inner spirit by the way we feel.

Any time what you are thinking makes you feel bad, then know that your spirit, your in-dwelling God, does not agree with your current perspective. Think you’re a jerk? You will naturally feel bad, but this doesn’t mean you are bad, it just means that your inner being disagrees with your opinion about yourself, because your inner God-self thinks you are wonderful, no matter what you have done. Think Roy Masters is being a jerk? You will feel bad for judging Roy, because your inner spirit loves Roy unconditionally, no matter what he thinks about other people and the extent of their ’sinning’.

Your inner spirit is pure unconditional love, and any time you deviate from that love with thought word or deed, you will feel the dissonance of your two different vibrations. Your inner being understands the Law of Attraction; that you get what you think about, and is focussing on what you want, to help you to bring it about. But your inner being cannot create on your behalf, it can only guide you to focussing in the same way as it is focussed, by encouraging you to think along the same lines as it does, and you know you are on track by the way that you feel.

If you want to know what you really think about something, ask your inner being what it thinks about the subject at hand. If you feel good, when you think those thoughts, then you are right on track. Feel bad however, and you are off track. Listening to Masters espouse what he is calling ’the truth’ and feel bad when accepting his words? Then your inner being disagrees with quite a lot of what he is saying, just like your inner being disagreed when anyone criticised you when you were young. If Roy himself feels bad when giving an opinion (something which could be evidenced by his outbursts of impatience or anger) then Roy’s inner being thinks differently from Roy the human being too, and if Roy was as enlightened as he proclaims to be, he would know that his emotions are guiding him to see that in the specific moment that he condemns a fellow human being for living in sin; for having sex before marriage, or for cooking food and making it ’sullied’, or any of the many old fashioned, puritanical claims to ’right behaviour’ that Masters proposes, that he is the one who is out of line; out of line with his inner spirit’s opinion on the subjects at hand.

Masters’ work is interesting in that it appears to be delivered in most part from a basis of unworthiness, as is the case with much religious claptrap, it comes from a basis of a disconnection from God, from a sense that man is less than God not a part of God. This is old fashioned, outdated, nonsense that God wants you to put behind you. It has also been surpassed by modern day spiritual understanding. Man is the leading edge of what man calls God, he is not less than God, trying to grovel his way back to his glorified state whence he fell. If man wanted to be entirely holy, without ’sin’ he would have stayed in heaven and not come to earth to live a human, physical, emotional, sensual life, and he wouldn’t have the ability and blessing of God to make mistakes, and potentially cut himself off from God’s love (Hell on earth, the only place Hell exists). Or he would come back as a dog.

What’s your Frame of Reference?

Mindset is everything, and as I have explained your vibe is what brings all things to you. If you believe yourself unworthy; a fallen angel, a sinner, prideful, or egotistical (which all essentially mean the same thing), you are looking at the world from a perspective of lack. Lack of your own worthiness, lack of your own sense of goodness, lack of love for yourself and others (when you don’t love yourself you have nothing to give others) and this lack of love for yourself is the only thing you are doing wrong, and the primary reason you feel bad.

From this place of separation with God, from this place of feeling that you are wrong, you might find ways to describe your condition, and your attempts to seek that connection once more through the physical elements of your world, but nothing will restore connection to your indwelling God than connection to your indwelling God; not drugs, alcohol, pot, sex, women, money, cars, houses, fame, success.

What Roy Masters then puts into so many words in his books and on his talk show, particularly regarding sexuality, is a combination of a very old fashioned religious doctrine, combined with an attempt to describe how man (and woman) is looking for love in all the wrong places. It doesn’t necessarily mean that man is a sinner, or that man is a slavering beast. He might be, for example if he was very separated from his loving source energy, and if he believed that sexual activity was only for procreation, in his celibacy, in the denial of his perfectly natural impulses, he might very well be frustrated, and see others’ sexual behaviour as that of wild animals.

But alas, how we see the world says far more about us than it does about those we are judging. In this instance it is far more likely that the judgemental viewer is projecting onto others the offshoot of his own sexual repression. Being unable to relate, and believing that man is entirely this way, he tars all men with the same brush. But of course the world is much bigger than a human perspective can see. To see with God’s eyes you must have communion with God, you must love. And when you see the world through the eyes of love (through the eyes of God which is love), everyone is perfect just as they are, and all is well with the world.

A man who is in alignment with his source is not seeking anything outside of himself to make himself feel whole, and his behaviour is altogether very different to one who feels empty and is trying to fill the void with food, sex, stuff, adrenaline, drugs or alcohol. This is the wild insatiable ‘sexy beast’ that Masters describes, but it is very different from an aligned, loving human being. Once the true source of love is sought and found in the moment, the abuse of food, sex, drugs etc disappears. You were looking for love in all the wrong places. Enlightenment is a momentary state of being, not a benchmark achieved and maintained for evermore. If a human being announces they are an enlightened master, tear up their certificate. Even Jesus had bad days, like the day he was crucified.

Is Woman Evil?

As for the ‘devil woman’ concept. This is bordering on misogyny. One wonders what kind of upbringing Masters himself went through to come to the place where he is counselling abused individuals, and what relationship Masters has had with the women in his life which have led him to project so much hatred onto them. Women give birth to children, nurture them, and frequently condition them to seek their alignment from other individuals, from the external world, rather than seeking their joy inwardly. This is a major disservice to any child, as they are encouraged to follow the guidance of their mother rather than their own inner emotional guidance. But women are not the root of all evil. There is such a thing as a vampirical mother who sucks the spirit life from her children leaving them incapable of making their own way in the world, but these women are only passing on their teaching, their culture to the next generations, and unknowingly so. They are not evil, they are just doing the best they know how. Most of the time it is not very good, but what other choice do they have? Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

A War against Evil?

Good luck fighting your war against evil. Whatever you give your attention to, you will get more of. How then to deal with such human casualties? There is no other way than to treat the condition with love. You cannot shame someone into returning to that source connection, and finding connection is the only way they will stop looking to others, stuff, food etc. for sustenance.

Teaching people to love must be first and foremost demonstrated by any worthwhile teacher, we must each teach through our own example, and others may choose to ask us what we know, or they may not, but really what anyone else is up to is none of our business.

The ’original sin’ which Masters often speaks of is not some terrible falling from grace, it is simply part and parcel of the human earth experience. Like much of the bible, the story of Adam and Eve is not meant to be taken literally. Adam is man and Eve is woman, the Garden of Eden is heaven, and the Apple represents earthly sensual pleasure, as does Eve. For a human being to live a human experience, there must be badness for him to know his goodness, and there must be choice for him to be able to create what he wants, and choice means the potential to sin (If you want to understand more, I recommend Conversations with God series). We are each free to choose any thoughts that we want to focus upon. No one can think on our behalf. We may choose to give our attention to problems and live them, but that is our choice, and our negative emotion will indicate to us every step along the way that we are heading towards something we don’t want. We can have miserable lives if we choose, and our thoughts and eventual believes will back up our thoughts. In that sense, everyone gets to choose, and energy one is right, even Roy Masters.

Man is made in the image of God, man has indwelling Christ, something which Masters in his human frailty cannot see. He is so convinced that he is right, that he is, like a religious leader drowning in his own dogma, cutting himself off from greater truth and greater awareness which could also be his in the moment. God loves his children yes, all you sinners out there, even Roy Masters. Religion is a tool to control people, it does this through the use of negative emotion. When anyone tries to coerce you, wilfully, to do their bidding instead of your own, know that negative emotion may be one of their tools.

Masters, for all of his talk of love, is pretty mean to his listeners. But coming from broken families where abuse is prevalent, they are used to the experience and seem to tolerate his abusive and judgmental rants. Interestingly, Masters is ’guilty’ of many of the sins he expresses that others are guilty of. He mentions the improper use of the will, and judgemental behaviour, and yet he exhibits it frequently himself. I suppose the policeman and the criminal are not so different, and only separated by a thin blue line.

If you find Roy interesting, intriguing even, my advice would be to take what you like about his teaching, and leave the bits you don’t. Instead seek better feeling thoughts on those subjects, and better feeling teachers. Let your feelings guide you. Not me, Not your parents, and not anyone who claims they’re right and you’re wrong. There is no right and wrong, there are only things which feel better and things that feel worse, and if you’re feeling a little worse than you did before, you’re headed in the wrong direction.

A Blank Slate

Having said all of that, I am fascinated with what Masters has to say about sexuality, and the sexual turn-on being associated with some kind of childhood trauma. It is said that the sexual energy is very similar to the God-force energy, after all the urge to procreate must come from God, if it comes from anywhere. Roy explains that when a child is degraded or subjected to a traumatic event, it associates the event with a disconnection from source, from God. That experience becomes linked to a sexual arousal (a reconnection with God), a sexual awakening in the child. If children then are abused by parents, they can experience fetishes, homosexuality and other turn-ons related to the original traumatic event, and the lingering resentment held by the child toward an adult abuser. I suspect Masters learned all of this while deep in the subconscious minds of his hypnosis patients.

Masters also has great awareness of the male / female gender roles, the importance of a father, and of true love in a family situation and its effect on the children. I’m not sure I’d ever go so far as to call one way right and the other wrong. We must be allowed to choose our lives for ourselves, and neither Masters, nor any other human has a broad enough view to pass judgement on such a subject.

By all means learn how to meditate, but really there is no need for most of the rest of that stuff. You don’t need a tape to learn to meditate, set a timer for 20 minutes, close your eyes in a quiet and comfortable place, and focus on your breathing or something else which takes a little attention to do so, and let any thoughts which come to your mind go. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing. Presto. Meditation.

What this whole thing comes down to is the world would be a much easier place if people minded their own business, including all you parents out there. Your children are born knowing this stuff, until you talk it out of them. Law of Attraction will sort it all out. Focus on what you want, and let it come to you. Mind your own business, and get your sticky beak out of everyone else’s affairs. You don’t get to choose for them, and when you try to take all of that into consideration, it will drive you crazy, because you cannot control them, what they want, or what they are doing.

So thanks for the clarity Roy, a lot of what you say is good and true, I for one appreciate you doing what you do. People don’t like alternative thinkers. They challenge the established worldview and usually end up getting locked up, crucified, or having their heads cut off, or labelled as crazy by those who don’t understand them. God loves you and thanks you for your unique contribution.

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