Law of Attraction

What you Think Matters a Lot (aka The Wealth Gap)

You are free. Why are you free? Because the only thing that matters is what you are thinking about. What you think sends out a signal to your cells, and to all of the other elements of the universe. The Universe is a musical universe, and like and like resonate in harmony with each other, much like tuning forks of the same pitch. When one fork resonates, another fork of the same frequency is activated along with it.

If your song is one of joy, you are vibrating joy, and you will see joy and attract joy wherever you go; yours is a joyful experience. If you think of abundance, of having more than enough of all that you need, your thoughts eventually form beliefs, which will play out in the world around you. Some people are born into this state of wealth and their journey to abundance is an easier one, for this reason:

Most people, even though they have the ability to think creatively, do not. They are conditional observers of life, not realising that all life is, is a representation of how people have been thinking in the past. Those observing wealth are wealthy, and those observing poverty are poor. This is the wealth gap, and it is growing bigger.

The wretched are the least attractive, because they have the worse affliction possible; that of negative thinking. Like a healthy flock of hens rejecting a lame bird, we instinctively know that being in the presence of such people is more likely to drag us down than lift us up. As we are conditioned to come to the aid of the wretched and to criticise the successful, we have moved away from nature’s way. Survival of the fittest has become the proliferation of the most wretched souls of all.

Most people think conditionally, they observe life, and give their thoughts to the things they are observing, to what those around them are thinking about, talking about and working on. As they observe these things, they form their beliefs around these ‘facts’ even though we make our own ‘facts’ by the thoughts we habitually think.

You have power and freedom because you, and you alone, can conjure thoughts in your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool, and your focus is what makes It work. Like a bell requires a striker to make it chime, your mind requires the power of applied focus to get your brain to tune into a musical note, and have that sound reverberate around the universe and when activated, to recognise in itself its equivalent. The human ear has the ability to hear the bell, it recognises the vibrations offered. And so it is with your emotional senses; once you have conjured a distinct vibration within, attuned yourself to whatever vibrations you have practiced, you will recognise their equivalents in the world without.

You are the one who focuses your mind. You have free will to think. Yet people willingly fill their heads with rubbish; things, circumstances, lifestyles, opinions and beliefs that they would never want to live. They have forgotten that all creation originates in the mind, as I have described. If they knew the power they held, they wouldn’t spend so much time focussing on what they didn’t want.

If only they understood that their emotions are trying to guide them away from what they don’t want (worry) towards what they do want (good feelings). It turns out our sixth sense (emotional feeling) was the most powerful sense of all. What separates you from the wild animals is your ability to imagine. Your creative power comes out of your attention to the subjects you want to live. What do you spend your time thinking about?

If you give your attention to what other people think about, then you are messing up your own chances of getting what you want. Nobody else, because they cannot think for you, can ruin your chances of success. If you disagree with another, and you spend your time expressing your disagreement of another’s ideas, you are actually voting for what the other person wants (this is the essence of politics, where the politician who pushes least against the other wins the day).

Let your parents, friends, lovers, husbands, wives and children have their own wishes and desires. What they think cannot affect you, unless you choose to think about what they want, and make it part of your own influence. As you focus on what you want, you will get a good feeling and your heart’s desire.

Mind your own business and live happily ever after.

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