How does it feel?

How Does it Feel?

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How does it feel?

Profile of an Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI)

Do you want to be rich? I mean really rich; seriously, fabulously, excessively wealthy? Then you’d better start thinking and feeling like someone with lots of money. People with lots of money are called Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. They typically have liquid assets in excess of $30m. Sound good to you?

If you want money, and lots of it, then the following exercise shouldn’t be in the least bit tiring or onerous. Imagine you’re going into a cinema to watch a movie, except this movie is a movie that you (or in this case, I) are writing the script of.

As you experience first hand how it feels to be the individual living the life in question, it will feel good to you. The attitude will also, in the course of time, bring you lots of money. Don’t ask how it works, trust that it does, and keep this to yourself. In the meantime just enjoy the feelings that conjuring these emotional states brings to you, and do it as often as it feels good.

If you take the time to do these fun exercises daily, you will be training your vibe to one of a rich person. The world outside doesn’t know whether you are rich, or whether you feel like you are rich. It responds to you in the same fashion, either way; by sending you money.

How Much?

So what are we talking here? Let’s say you are making £78m a year, which after tax is equivalent to around £160,000 a day. That’s right, imagine having 160 grand to spend every day. That’s the sort of thing we’re talking about. Feel good to you? Great, let’s get our imaginative juices flowing and see if we can imagine how it feels to have that kind of power, money and influence to affect our and others’ lives to the positive.

I’ll take you through the exercise which follows, but really this is something you want to be conjuring for yourself, in your own imagination, as you will feel it more. This is my conjured story, made up of experiences from my life. Your story will be uniquely yours. Once you get the hang of it, you can apply this technique to any situation you imagine you would like to live. Money, love, power, influence, creativity. The only thing limiting you is your imagination, or lack thereof.

As someone with £160,000 income per day…………

What Kind of a Day do I Normally Have?

As I come round from my sleep in the most natural way, I feel a sense of excitement, as though I’m waking up into a good situation. I can’t see anything yet, but I can just sense that this is a good place to be.

Life feels easy and effortless. I feel lighthearted, fun and frisky. It feels a bit like Christmas Day. I stretch my refreshed body, feeling a sense of my easy, empowered life. I feel like a child in a sweet shop; I have the financial means to enjoy many sensory treats, and a huge choice available at my disposal.

I roll out of my large, soft, supportive bed, feeling totally refreshed, and with a calm but deliberate effort, I get myself up. I have an important and meaningful day ahead, which I’m immensely looking forward to.

The cascade shower is hot and all encompassing, and it invigorates and awakens my senses. I wash in the most luxurious balms, and shave with the sharpest razor blade before donning some expensive aftershave. I dry myself with a thick, soft, cotton towel, and return to my room to dress. Everything around me in the bathroom; the materials, the lotions and potions and tools are all of the very highest quality.

In the attached dressing room, I have a walk-in-wardrobe where all of my shirts, suits, shoes, ties and underwear are all neatly stored. I choose the tie I will be wearing, then the shirt and suit to accompany it, and then the shoes.

It is important to wear a good tie. What tie a man wears, says a lot about him. I only wear ties which really reflect who I am. It’s a very personal thing. I have several waistcoats and overcoats to add flair and additional protection from the elements as the conditions and weather dictate. All of my shirts return from the laundry ironed and ready for me to wear. Likewise my shoes are polished for me. I never wear the same pair of shoes on successive days, and I put them in their cedar shoe trees overnight to dry.

Once dressed, I head downstairs for some refreshment. From my room on the third floor to the ground floor there are two additional floors with bedrooms and dressing rooms, games room, cinema room and music room. The staff rooms are up in the eaves, accessed via the rear staircase. As I traverse the landing and descend the great central staircase, the morning sun is shining in through the window, illuminating the wood. The stairs feels solid and sure underfoot, and the smell of treated wood is distinctive and familiar.

I walk into the kitchen at 9.45am, and our housekeeper Trudy is there and greets me. She makes the best poached eggs on sourdough, so I ask her for some fresh coffee and eggs on toast (we have 10 chickens which provide the freshest, most delicious eggs, and a Cockerel who keeps his flock in order). There is some freshly squeezed orange juice, and some home made bacon (from local pigs) which is sitting in the canteen. I sit on the verandah outside in the warm morning air and glowing sunshine, and slowly and deliberately savour every morsel of my delicious breakfast. I consider the day I have ahead, focussing on what I want to achieve.

I am the one who sets the timings for my week, arranging meetings at a time that suits me. I always give myself a nice schedule when going out on business trips. My philosophy is “work smart, don’t work hard” and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

As I finish my breakfast, I thank my staff and head to my study to gather my affairs. I walk into the wood panelled room and sit behind my large bureau and gather my papers for the day, slipping my macbook pro into my leather briefcase, I pick up my pen and papers. The phone rings, it’s my concierge Jimmy, he’s organised my travel for the day, all I need to do is get to the airfield for 10.30. I thank him, grab my passport and leave the house, saying goodbye to Trudy as I exit.

I press my thumb into the fingerprint reader to gain access to the garage. As I walk in, the motion sensor picks up my movement and the lights of the long white garage flash into life. I smile as I look upon the stable of fine motor vehicles laid out before me; among them, a Ferrari F12 in Rosso Corsa, a Porsche 911 GT3RS, an Aston Martin DB9, a Subaru BRZ, and my current business car a BMW M3 in Yas Marina blue. The M3 is a great runaround, and it is perfect for business trips. I only use the F12 when I’m meeting rich Arab Sheiks as they usually turn up in their Lamborghinis and Koenigsegg’s, so anything less ostentatious than a Ferrari just looks like poor form.

I walk up to the BMW, the door is unlocked. I open the door and slip inside. It smells fresh and new. Jimmy keeps these cars in great condition, he has them valeted every month so they stay looking as good as new. I press the garage door button, press the car starter button and exit the garage. I feel proud as I head towards the airfield. Everything feels tight and taught and perfectly within my control, and I blast off down the road on a smooth and effortless wave of torque and power.

I turn on the entertainment system and my favourite song is playing on the radio. I feel blessed and smile to myself at the synchronicity of turning on the radio with such perfect timing. My actions while driving the car are deliberate, purposeful and perfectly judged. I am driving with assured confidence, and it feels great to drive with such deftness and tactility.

I pull into the airfield, and park up in the car park and enter the outbuilding. Dom is there, and he greets me, offers me a coffee and tells me that he’s about ready to go, just needs to carry out some final checks. After I’ve drunk my coffee and skimmed the newspaper, we walk out to the jet. I climb up the steps of the Citation X jet. Annabel greets me at the top of the steps, and I say hello to her and to the co-pilot Dan. Dom, Dan and Annabel are on the payroll, and they carry us around wherever we need to go. It’s great being so close to the airfield, and being able to fly anywhere so quickly. Within 5 minutes, we’re taxiing and have taken off bound for Geneva.

At Geneva airport I’m met at the bottom of the steps by a man who takes me to a Maybach parked nearby and I’m whisked off to my meeting in a beautiful office overlooking the lake. I ask him if he can arrange for me to have a fresh ham and cheese baguette for my journey home around 12. No problem, he says. I smile and look forward to my lunch.

The meeting is a useful one. For the last 6 months we have been discussing how we are going to bring to market our specialist product, given our current market constraints. We make some headway today, as our host has brought along someone with some very useful isight into not only the legal elements, but he also has experience of deploying new technology. By 12.15 we’ve agreed a way forward, and I’m happy that the meeting has been productive. I have a hair appointment back at home at 3.30, so I’m keen to be heading off as soon as possible, and we’ve done all we can do here today. I thank our guests, agree a list of outputs from the meeting and timeframes in which to deliver them, and go on my way.

Whisked back to Geneva airport in quiet serenity, I sip on a bottle of fresh, lightly sparkling ‘petillante’ as the French would say, mineral water. True to form, I am greeted by the pleasing sight of a fresh ham and cheese baguette on my table back on the jet. There are fewer things in life as good as a Swiss ham and cheese baguette. Blessed are the cheesemakers!

On the journey home I make use of the Wifi in the plane, working out strategy roles for the next few months, and turn up home in time for my haircut. As my hairdresser is sweeping up my shorn locks from the kitchen floor, my wife and children enter the room from school, greet me with a shout and a kiss, and carry on with their fun activities. I embrace my wife, and ask her about her day. She’s had an interesting one, had an early start and was off visiting parents before picking children up from school.

I give my wonderful hairdresser a very generous gratuity, and thank him for the experience, before slipping off to the library where a number of matters have been laid out for me by Jimmy. Most are just signatures required on cheques, these amount to £100,000, for the life causes our family supports, and of which I am patron.

Others are personal family matters requiring more attention and focus. It feels good to benefit the world, and it’s nice to be the one with the influence and power. I get to choose where my benefit flows, and to see the results.

I feel that today has been a hugely beneficial, interesting and insightful one. I sit at my desk, relaxed and focussed, and I write down my appreciation for the elements of my life which I enjoy. Supper is normally at 7.30, which gives me an hour for a swim. I grab my trunks and head out to the pool for a few lengths before supper and to unwind from the day. As I stretch out in the large expanse of cool water, silence all around me, I revel in my body’s strength and flexibility and think about how much I have achieved today, and yet how easy it was.

Supper is delghtful. Our housekeeper and cook Trudy used to run a restaurant and is a massive foodie. She does the classics well like Fish pie, Beef Bourginion etc, but she also loves experimenting with fresh new ideas from the latest books, TV and Radio shows. Tonight the aromas coming off her home cooked meals are so warm and comforting, and the meal itself is a delight. The children are gone as soon as they finish, and they have my blessing of course to do as they are inspired.

I often cook for the family, on Trudy’s nights off; Wednesday and Saturday, or we might go out for dinner in a local restaurant. I enjoy baking, and artisanal food production fascinates me, hence the chickens and local pigs.

As I climb into my luxurious bed to drift off to sleep, I lie staring up at the ceiling thinking about how life is wonderful and how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family, friends and helpers. I appreciate how much I am benefitting the world through my actions, and I look forward to more wonderful things unfolding for me and for those I love in the near future.

Profile of an ultra high net worth individual –

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