Are you Are you Responding to the Way your Body Feels or Telling your Body the Way you Want it to Feel?

Genius Consciousness

The cells of your body are genius consciousness. They know what to do, and left to their own devices, they would do very well. Non resistant animals in the wild do not suffer physical ailments, they are healthy and then they die. Pets, as they hang around with humans, pick up their negative vibes, and so we have vets.

Your cells are tied to your human consciousness. They make up your body, and they do your bidding. Want to raise your arm? Presto. Want to type a letter to your father? Easy. You have trained the cells of your body to respond in ways which give you the functionality, dexterity and agility you desire. You train them in stamina, fitness, power, and dexterity. You and your cells are tied together.

All consciousness receieves energy from the source of life, from god. Humans, and all of the cells in their bodies, are no exception. Source energy is a pure positive energy, which benefit those who are not resistant to receiving it. But your cells, as well as being inspired by the pure energy of life, are also influenced by you; what you think about yourself and what you think about your body, and they cooperate with your wishes.

Mind over Matter

If you believe that you can do somehting, your cells will cooperate with your wishes. There are stories told of superhuman acts, and those who defy logic by putting themselves in situations and not saying that they cannot do somethimg, and therefore demonstarting that they can; the man who ran 25 marathons in 25 days, the woman who picked up the overturned car to save her child trapped beneath; for those moments the “captian of the ship” didn’t say they could’t do it, and so their cells acquiesced to their demands.

So, “you get what you think about”, and most people are thinking about what they have got, so they get more. There’s no reason that we cannot be any physical size, shape, level of flexibility, dexterity, agility, and heath that we desire, but as is the case with most of creation by humans, instead of conjuring a feeling deliberately, we are focussing on reality.

“Reality is screwing up your life”

I came up with this picture to describe the situation. Life is a distraction from what we really want. We have the option to create whatever we want, but life, like a really engaging 3D-BluRay box set, is geting all of our attention instead. We would rather watch what someone else has created, than sit down and conjure our own thoughts and create our own reality. It turns out that reality is screwing up you life; the potential for your life to improve to the level and potential that you want. Instead of responding to the way your body feels, why not tell your body how you want it to feel? When you tell your body how you want it to feel, your cells will cooperate with what you are thinking.

Want to be slender? Imagine how you will feel when you are slender, trim and taught. You might be very far from that at the moment, but most of us can remember a time when we felt that way. The inproved state of being, the attention we were getting from members of the opposite sex, how we felt vibrant, glowing and beautiful, and felt a strong alignment with ourselves and a strong sexual energy within us. There are few things more beneficial that a really good feeling body; you take it with you everywhere you go, and it really is an external manifestation of who you are.

What is interesting is that it often snowballs from there. People often think that it is hard to create the body they want, as their past efforts have been hard work, and haven’t really amounted to much in terms of long standing results. You think starvation, hard physical exercise, and deprivation of things you want are the path to a good feeling body? Afraid not. There is no unhappy journey to a happy destination. The path to a good feeling body feels good all along the way.

1. Be Happy

When you are happy, you are not getting in the way of your cells’ function. They are pretty clever, just quietly getting on with the work of keeping your body running, while you go about your daily business. When you get out of their way, by not thinking negative thoughts and introducing negative energy which resists their function, you body will do very well.

Relax, try to feel as good as you can as often as you can. Drop any negativity and focus on the positives. If you get out of your cells’ way, they will develop a healthy metabolism and they will do extremely well. Feel a sense of ease, and you will not be in a state to experience dis-ease.

2. Imagine your Body the Way you Want it to Feel (Not the Way your Body Feels)

Spending a few quiet moments every day to imagine your body how you want it to feel. Make sure that you do this when you are in a lighthearted, playful mood. There’s no determination, but pure desire, which feels like wanting something and believing that it is possible to have it. The best time to visualise is after meditation or when you fell a sense of infinite possibility, not after you have just succumbed to another chocolate eclair and you are feeling guilty about it. That is not the time to deal with anything.

Wear loose clothes, or undo your belt, remove anything which reminds you of the current state of your body or your current reality. You want to go into your mind, and feel your imagination and not your current reality. For example, don’t do this exercise after eating an enormous meal, or when you feel bloated. As you close your eyes and imagine your body how you want it to feel, you might experience something like this:

“I like to feel slim and lithe and strong. My jeans are loose around my waist, and I have had to go up two notches on my belt to hold them up. My thighs are slimmer and more toned, and my hips are trim and muscular. I look forward to people putting their hands around my waist, and I notice now that they tend to do it more and more. When they touh me, their touch lingers, like they don’t really want to let go. In fact I notice that women are responding to me in a much more tactile manner in general. They want to feel my muscles, and so they ‘inadvertently’ touch me. They want to feel my slim waist and so they put their hands on my waist when we meet and kiss. My shoulders, back, upper body and arms all feel strong and powerful. I feel like I have huge strength and physical stamina, and it feels great. I move about with such ease, into and out of my car, up steps and walking down the road. When I run I feel like an unstoppable steam train, I feel I could run for hours. It feels like an effortless motion; power, and agility and neverending strength. It feels wonderful to feel this way. I feel really good, having a good feeling physical body is one of the most important things that I can do for myself, as everything else comes out of that. As I feel good, more good things come to me. It was actually really easy to create this, and really fun to see how powerful I am when I apply my focus to things which matter to me. My cells were cooperative in creating my view of myself. If I can do this with my body, I can do this with anything; money, work, love, and fun in life! I’m so happy!”

3. Act from that Good Feeling, Future Oriented Space

What is interesting is that once we conjure and manage to maintain this future oriented space, we are inspired from a whole new mindset in our behaviour. We have beliefs and expectations which are known by the universe, and which we are guided to by inspiration, when we get into a good feling space.

When we visualise a good feeling body, and we do it regularly, we get used to, and like the good feelings which accompay the vision. When we go to eat from this good feeling state of being, we like to stay feeling good and so we are inspired to actions which also feel good. In terms of food, that means eating things which we each individually believe benefts our bodies.

It all starts with the thought, and everything else leads on from there. But if you start with a negative self-image, if you are looking at reality, you are telling your cells to stay the same, and then using some action orientaiton to try to change things. This is going against the grain, and going against the way that life really works. This is why so many diets don’t work. The self image remained the same, and nothing significant changed.

Make your journey to a better body one that starts in imagination, and let all of your actions be inspired from that good feeling future place. A happy journey, to a happy destination.

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