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How does it feel to have a really satisfying relationship?

It feels good


It feels like home


It feels easy


It feels natural


It feels smooth


I feel calm


I feel assured


I feel safe


I feel comfortable


I feel at my best


I feel love


I feel loved


I feel supported


I feel independent


I feel free to leave whenever I want, but I choose to stay


I want this


I love this person very much


I feel pleased with myself


I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful person in my life


I feel like I must have done something right


I feel pleased that my partner sees me in such a positive light


It feels great to be here


It feels like endless possibility


It feels synchronistic, like our desires have been matched up at an ethereal level


I can sense that we are ideal matches now, and will grow and appreciate together


I am looking forward to starting a family with this one


I am really pleased with my choice


I am glad that there was someone special just for me, not just someone ‘left over’


I am glad that I didn’t settle for less than I wanted


We’re tuned in


We communicate on a thought level


I like to hold my dear one in my arms, and feel appreciation


I am really please dot be where I am.




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