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How does it feel to have a lot of property? Land, Houses, Fields, Capital, Investments, Interests?


It feels good.


I feel like I’m playing in a bigger game than most others can or want to


It feels very natural to me,


I feel proud of myself and my decisions,


I feel powerful,


I like the feeling of choice,


I like the feeling of being influential,


I like the feeling of having lots of options,


I love the feeling of being able to choose what I want,


I like having a blank canvas on which I can paint a picture which I like.


I like having land which on which I can produce food, and land on which I can design and build houses which fit in with my worldview of what is good.


I feel powerful,


I feel clever,


I feel industrious,


I feel of great benefit to the world,


I feel important,


I feel like I’m playing my part, and I love playing in the bigger-stakes games.


I feel interested in the ways I manage my estates


I like the feeling of getting to choose where I flow my time, money and resources.


I feel interested in investments


I feel excited about growing my investments, making them profitable businesses.


I love the feeling of being in demand.


I feel sought after,


I feel like an initiate.


People want to speak with me, they want to hear my ideas. My diary is full to the brim


I feel clever and bright and full of great ideas,


I like the feeling of having a surplus of resources, whether financial, or in land, commercial and residential property, that I can put to good use.


I feel busy and productive,


I feel pleased with  myself,


I feel happy,


I feel intelligent,


I feel comfortable and in control,


I feel like I know what to do,


I feel successful,


I love having the power to create something which will last longer than my lifetime,


I love the feeling of making a mark on the world in a positive way,


I appreciate the enormous resources I have available at my disposal,


I feel like I have more money than I have any sensible use for, and that feels good to me


I feel in the right place at the right time,


This is who I am.


I love my position,


I am powerful,


I am influential,


I am a great individual, and a great benefit to the world.

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