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How does it feel to have a smoking hot lover?


I feel really good


This feels fantastic


It feels exciting


It feels really good


It feels fresh and new


I feel such appreciation for this dear one


It feels like exploring new territory


It feels frisky


It feels like life has infinite possibility, and I’m really looking forward to spending time exploring it with this special one.


It feels secure


I feel funcomfortable of myself


I feel self-assured.


This feels natural, it just feels right


It feels comfortable.


It feels like there’s nothing that I have to say or to do


It’s like we’re communicating on a level deeper than words


It feels smooth


It feels easy and effortless


I feel invigorated


I feel effervescent


I feel frisky


I feel delighted


I feel proud that I’ve attracted this angel, as this means I must also be an angel.


I feel desire, and I feel really desirable


I feel happy


This feels right


I feel pleased


I feel interested


I feel a magnificent event is occurring before my eyes, and that it has been tailor made for me


I feel enormous appreciation for this person, at the moment I can think of no thing that I would choose to be any different.


Right now, I am in the state of pure appreciation, in pure Love, and it feels so wonderful to be in this state of being.


I love to love, I love to have someone who I can appreciate and feel like this about.


When we go out together, it feels really fun. I can leave my lover alone to mingle and I get to do my own thing myself, or we can go as a couple.


I feel confident, and worthy, and validated. I feel proud of myself and my darling.


This is right.


This is me, this is who I am.


I feel wonderful.


This feels special.


It feels tailor made.


I couldn’t have selected the component parts better myself if I had tried.


On the face of it, it doesn’t look like someone I would necessarily be interested, but I am powerfully drawn to this person. I cannot take my eyes off them


It feels to me, just looking at them, that I am seeing the tip of the iceberg. I can sense the huge potential satisfaction with this person. So much yet to reveal itself to me


This feels natural,


It feels right,


It feels like a little part of me is manifest in flesh and blood.


It feels so right


I’m satisfied with the world, just as it is


Nothing needs to change


When I feel in a state of pure appreciation or love, like this, I want for nothing


I am full of myself, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about the choices I make


I feel bright and I feel clever


I feel funny and I have incredible timing.


I feel clear minded


I feel generous


I feel bright and clever


I love it that we bring out the best in each other


When we come together, life just feels better for the two of us being there


I love to feel love. I feel love for everyone I meet


That feels good to me


I feel fun


I look so good.


My eyes are shining.


I am alive, full of life, and I feel frisky, playful and fun


I enjoy the delicious intertwining of our bodies


It’s the most delightful, ineffable emotional intercourse.


When we kiss, it is like pure electricity passes between our lips


I feels more like an emotional experience than purely a physical one


It feels like a dream made flesh


I feel my emotions powerfully and right now I like that very much


It is like someone has amped up the electricity supply, and I love to feel this much power


It feels good and I like it a lot


I’ve done really well


Things are always working out for me

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