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How does it feel to have a really great job?

It feels fun.


It feels new.


It feels expansive, and it feels interesting.


I feel clever and bright,


I feel that I know what I’m doing.


I feel proud of myself


I feel confident


I feel sure of myself and my decisions


I feel excited about learning new things.


I feel eager


I feel excited


I feel interested


I feel of benefit.


I feel like I am living on the leading-edge, surrounded by new ideas, and that’s really fun.


I feel like a trailblazer,


I feel like I’m using my personal individual skills in the best way I possibly can.


It feels like everything that I have lived has led up to this moment in time; my skills, my experience and my attitude.


It feels smooth


It feels effortless


I feel accomplished,


I feel clever


I feel gold at what I do


I feel like I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose, and that feels wonderful to me.


I feel secure,


I feel sure of myself,


This feels fun,


It feels more like a fun game than it does hard work


I enjoy working with others. Together we create wonderful things and have a lot of fun.


I enjoy how playful those I work with are,


I love how we value other people enjoying themselves. Happy people do good work.


I like it that the more we have fun, the more success we achieve, and the more money we make.


I feel flexibility,


I feel freedom,


I feel self-empowered.


I feel in the right place at the right time.


I love my job.


I wake up every morning and I’m eager to get into the day, to benefit the world in my own unique and special way.


I can’t believe that I get paid for having so much fun on  a daily basis


I’m such a lucky person

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