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How does it feel to walk through the front door of my very own house?

It feels good


It feels exciting


It feels like a new adventure


I love that I get to choose for myself


I love picking beautiful things to surround myself with


I love the feeling that I get to choose.


I love creating a beautiful space exactly as I want.


I love that I get to change it if I want.


I love creating a nest; a haven, a place of calm and well-being, just as I like it.


A place where I can bring people and where they too can feel good.


I love the sense of space


I feel clear-minded


I feel free


I feel calm


I feel centred


I feel powerful, that I am able to change anything here that I want to change.


I feel unlimited


I feel pleased with myself


It feels great to go out there and get things for myself, select things that I want.


I love feeling that this space reflects who I am.


I love that I get to choose for me.


I love the feeling of space. It feels calm, it feels warm and it feels quiet, it feels cosy.


It feels spacious but homely.


I feel delighted with my choice, every day new things about this wonderful house show themselves to me.


I appreciate the previous owners who loved this property and lived a high quality life, with no expense spared.


They lived with care, and they loved this space. I love the feeling of openness, the feeling of space.


I love to create a beautiful space where I and those I love can be, and feel good.


I love feeling expansive.


I feel proud,


I feel pleased,


I feel secure,


I feel powerful.


I feel comfort and ease.


I feel at home


I love the feeling of creating a cosy den where I can be myself.


I love creating spaces where I can do things that I enjoy doing, uninterrupted by the world.


I love my music room with my Italian grand piano, my musical instruments and my jazz drum set.


I love the recording studio, it is such fun to play with music.


I love that I have a large garage to park my cars and bikes, and a workshop with the tools neatly laid out where I can make things.


I love the garden


It is great to have outdoor space and I love the quiet location.


It feels like a quiet haven in close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the town.


I love my friendly neighbours.


I love the area where I live.


I love the proximity to shops, restaurants & bars.


I love the quiet location of my house.


It feels good to be here, it feels great to be in this space.


It feels like home,


It feels good.


I feel glad that I chose this place.


I feel pleased with myself.


I like this feeling,


I have room to think and write,


I have created a calm and tranquil place to be.


I like furnishing and decorating my house exactly as I choose.


I enjoy being in this house, and when I’m away on business I will always look forward to returning to my wonderful home.


I feel good,


I feel excited,


I feel proud,


I feel pleased with myself,


I feel pleased with the choices I’ve made, and I like knowing that I can always choose something else.


I love to create beautiful things, and I love to surround myself with beautiful objects, beautiful things such as this magnificent home.


It feels luxurious,


It feels high quality.


Everything is super-high quality; really the best available.


No expense spared.


The materials are exceptional; wood, marble, stone, carpet, and the workmanship is first class.


My home is a tranquil haven of positive energy.


People love to come to my house because it makes them feel good.


I feel good entertaining in my home.


It feels good to give to others and to give them a space in which to feel good.


They feel as good when they visit as I felt when I created this house and everything inside it.


I feel proud, proud of myself for the choices I’ve made.


I love feeling like this.


I love to feel expansive and excited.


I love to incorporate leading-edge technology into my life,


I love the feeling of choice,


I love the feeling of freedom, and the power to choose things for myself exactly as I want.


I love the spaces; the kitchen, the sitting room, the bedrooms, the outdoor space


I love the lighting, the flooring, the tables, chairs, the cooker the extractor fan and the wonderful appliances, everything is quiet and efficient and makes my life better.


The design of this house is beautiful and the layout is exceptional.


I love the sense of ease, the sense of ‘everything is taken care of’.


This house is beautiful and it represents who I am; magnificent, beautiful, clear, fun, good-feeling.


I love being here,


I love my life,


Life is good.

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