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How does it feel to have really fun, interesting friends who are on my wavelength and who are great fun to spend time with?


It feels fun.


It feels easy and natural,


It feels cheeky and playful.


It feels really good to be here, and to interact with these fun loving individuals.


They are happy, funny, talented, beautiful people who want to feel good, and they make feeling good their number-one priority.


I enjoy spending time with them,


I look forward to the times when we meet up because I know they are going to be funny, clever and fun to spend time with.


When we’re together it is like we are a team, that we ‘know’ each other, and think along similar lines, it’s like we finish each other sentences.


It’s as if we are communicating on a deeper level, and the words are almost superfluous, because we just get each other.


It feels smooth,


It feels easy and natural.


There are no bumps in the road.


It feels right.


Each individual, even though they are very different, feels like a perfect match to me.


It feels like we have done this before.


It feels like spending time with very old friends, even though we have only just met.


It feels like fun.


It feels like we’re a group of exuberant, joyful people who don’t really care what other people think about them.


We are just shining brightly as the brilliant, shiny people that we are.


When we interact, it feels like a dance, it feels like a synergistic dance where we all flow together, operating almost as if from one mind; like a flock of geese flying in perfect formation.


There’s no need to chat it up, we are happy to sit in silence together and just enjoy each other’s company, but chatting does make it even more fun.


I feel happy,


I feel funny,


I feel clever and my timing is inspired.


I feel excited, excited when I think that my friends reflect who I am, because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t feel so comfortable hanging out with them.


I feel proud of myself,


I feel really good,


I feel clever and bright and clear-minded.


I appreciate these beautiful people who I am proud to call my friends.


I love them and they love me.


We take it in turns to talk about the things that we like about each other.


It can be a bit nauseating to onlookers, but it feels really good to us, so we do it.


I love how clever my friends are, and how individual and how stylish they are.


I love that they are authentic and have integrity.


I love that they tell it like it is.


I love that they are full of interesting ideas, ideas which I don’t aways agree with, but I love that they are on my level.


I love how each has a talent, a passion in life.


I love having talented, interesting friends.


I appreciate our differences, and I love that when we come together we compliment each other in new and interesting ways.


At the core we are the same, but our different lives, different ideas and different approaches to life is what stirs the pot and makes for such interesting relationships.


I love to talk about my friends to others, because I love them.


I love to talk in appreciation of who they are. It feels like we are going places.


We come together because we share a common ideology: we want to live lives which are: good feeling; expansive; fun; interesting; full of new things; happy; honest; abundant; and full of passion.


I love my friends, and my friends love me.


We may not be friends forever, and I certainly don’t cling to them, but right now we can enjoy each other and savour our compatibility.


I feel wonderful on my own, but I love to collaborate with other like minded people.


In life we rendezvous with individuals who are on similar paths to us.


I trust that the universe is always matching me up with people who are on my wavelength, so that we can have fun, free-flowing, smooth and natural relationships with each other.


As I get myself into a good feeling place and stay there, only good feeling people can come to me.


I love to feel good, and I love meeting up with, and having fun with, other good feeling people who love to have fun.


It feels natural, it feels easy, but it also feels frisky and fun, fresh, new and exciting.


I love the progressive nature of our group, I think we are each going to go on to achieve magnificent things in our lives.


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