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How does it feel to have a brand new car?


It feels good,


I feel pleased with myself,


I feel proud,


I feel confident,


I feel sure of my ability,


I feel secure,


I feel happy,


I feel proud,


I feel self-assured,


I feel powerful.


I feel free to  choose,


It feels really fun


I love leading-edge technology.


I feel sute,


My car feels luxurious,


It is mine,


I feel pampered


My car feels smooth and easy and effortless


It feels relaxing it feels fun.


It feels fresh, new and exciting.


It feels wonderful.


It feels exciting,


I feel a sense of adventure


My car feels refined.


It feels reliable,


It feels solid, and secure.


It feels capable.


It feels like a great place to be.


It smells great


It feels serene, quiet and sure-footed


I always look forward to driving my car.


I feel proud


I feel special


I feel powerful


I feel appreciation for the wonderful people who designed and built this beautiful car.


I love knowing that if I can create this magnificent car for myself, I can create anything I like.


I love the feeling of the leather,


I love that wonderful new car smell


I love the sound of the engine


I love the feel of the engine; it’s so smooth, refined and powerful.


I love how when I put my foot down, my car moves forward with significant thrust


I love how beautifully engineered it is.


It feels beautiful,


It feels beautifully engineered, like a swiss watch.


I love how effortlessly it makes progress.


It feels incredible to be a part of this experience.


I feel powerful,


I love the feeling of power as I press the accelerator.


I love the tactile feel of the controls.


I love the sound-system, when I am driving and I put on a good tune, it just lifts me to a state of bliss.


I love the sense of solidity, the sense of assured confidence that I get from being in this car.


It feels like an extension of me, I can put it exactly where I want.


It feels like an extension of me; powerful and lithe and quick and agile and beautiful.


I love my car.


I love driving my car.


I love other people seeing me driving my car.


I love that I can get into my car and drive 1,000 miles in ease and comfort and fun.


I feel totally confident that when I climb in my car, I know it will fire up with gusto.


I’m really looking forward to taking a trip with my friend, we’re going to head somewhere remote, we’ll head for the mountain twisties.


We’re going to escape the hustle and bustle, and just drive and reconnect with ourselves, and drive, just for the fun of it; a good old-fashioned road trip.


I see myself arriving at my Parents’ house, stepping out of my own brand new car, feeling really proud of myself.


This car is mine, it’s not a hire car. It is mine, and it reflects perfectly who I am.


I feel pleased with who I am.


I feel proud of myself,


I feel happy with my life.


Life is good.


I like where I am now, and I’m excited about all of the other wonderful things which are coming my way.


I love life.


Life is good.


I’m doing really well.

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