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N.B. The subject of Body is a harder one than most. If anything is going to test your beliefs, it is your body. For the purposes of this exercise, try to suspend your disbelief.

I’ve started off generally, and I get more specific as I go along.

How does it feel to have a good feeling, vital physical body?

It feels good.


I feel appreciation for how my body carries me around every day, and never complains.


I like the flexibility of my body.


I like that my body knows how to keep its balance even when I eat and drink things which my body might not choose for itself, I like that my body quietly, and uncomplainingly gets on with doing what it does best.


I like how resilient my body is.


I like that my body knows what to do, I like it that I don’t have to think about my heart beating, or my lungs breathing, or instructing individual muscles to work.


I appreciate that my cells co-operate with my desires; that when I want to lift my arm, my cells cooperate, and they do so deftly and expertly.


I have great cooperation from my body, it does what I ask it to.


I like it that when I cut my finger, my body knows what to do to heal itself.


I like it that when my body encounters a foreign body, like a germ or a disease, that it adapts and grows stronger to deal with the new situation.


I like it that my body is continually adapting to its environment, and doing it really well.


I like how adaptive and flexible my body is.


I appreciate the balance and stamina of my body.


It feels really good to move about in my body,


When I move about, I have poise and I feel balanced and adept.


I remember times when I have asked more of my body than even I thought it could deliver, and my body came through and delivered what I needed.


I have a really robust and resilient body.


I feel appreciation for this collection of blood, bone and cells which allows me to move about the planet as I like.


We’ve been together for a long time, and my body has never let me down, ever.


My physical body feels good,


I feel energised,


I feel calm and centred,


I feel poised, like a stalking cat waiting to pounce,


I feel like a coiled spring, full of potential energy,


I feel proud of my body,


I feel vitality,


I feel flexibility,


I feel strength,


It feels effortless to move about,


It feels fun to coordinate my body around the physical objects of this world,


I like the comfort of my body,


I like how easy it is to get from A to B, it sometimes feels like I’m just floating along, I have so much energy.


I love to dance, I love to cycle, I love walking


I love running and jumping,


I love to swim and to dive.


I appreciate my reflexes, and how cleverly my body adapt to new situations and new requirements,


I appreciate how easily my body learns new reflexes; my body is really clever.


I trust that my body knows what to do, and I am going to appreciate my body more, and try to listen to my body more, to give it things that it wants.


My body feels really good, I feel lithe and flexible and strong and agile.


When I move about, I do so with purpose, I feel strong and proud and attractive. It feels nice when others look upon my body and appreciate it.


I feel vital and sure and sexy. When I move about, it feels like I’m moving with grace and elegance. I feel really hot. I am really hot.


I love my body and I’m so glad that it is here for me, always here, 24/7, giving me a wonderful vehicle in which to negotiate this physical plane.


I love how my body responds when I do things which I know are good for me; drinking water, eating wholesome food, taking a walk, breathing deeply.


It feels good to use the strength and resilience of my robust physical apparatus. I love lifting and pushing and reaching. It feels fun to be physical.


When I die, I will no longer need my physical vessel, but for the time I am here on earth, I am going to be nice to my body, and appreciate it as much as I can.


Thanks body, you’re doing really well,


I love you.


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