How does it Feel?

This section is the bread and butter for living a wonderful life.

As someone who believes in efficiency, I believe that it’s important to get straight to the crux of the matter. So that is what we are doing here.

We are going to circumvent the waffle, leaving the majority of self-improvement methodologies aside, and head straight for the end goal.

These texts go straight to the core of what is important in life; finding an emotional state of being which is satisfying, which feels good to you.

Are you a Creator or an Observer?

We all know, or at least have observed, people who grew up surrounded by wealth, and subsequently never had an issue with money. They felt wealthy, and while they may have had other challenges in their lives (perhaps with regard to relationships or their physical weight), they never had any problems with money.

They always drove the latest sportscars, wore the most beautiful, luxurious clothes and shoes, lived is a superb area of town, and thought nothing of it.

Growing up in a family which has good beliefs about money rubs off on you in a good way, just as growing up in poverty with a bad attitude rubs off on you in a bad way. We pick up the beliefs of those around us, and adopt them as our own as we move forward into life.

If you can only observe (as much of the world does), you are destined to live a life based on the beliefs of your parents and family, and those surrounding you.

But, if you have the power of imagination, then you can transcend your roots and live any situation that you can conjure in your mind’s eye. You do this by focussing on what you want until you get it.

You are an emotional being, you think, and you feel. When you think, you send out thought-waves into the world, you literally tune in to a frequency.

If you are thinking about having money and it feels good, you are tuning in to financial abundance, and attracting  that. If you feel love, you are tuning into the frequency of love, and those other beings who are on that wavelength (usually little babies and animals at first) start to notice you. If you feel ‘hot’, you are tuning into a powerful sexual vibe, and others on the same level will be attracted to you.

When I say focusing, I mean thinking about what you want, and having an emotion in response to those thoughts. Thinking about what you want feels good, and thinking about the opposite feels bad. If I say the word money, there are two ways to look at money; having money and not having money.

Just because you say the words, “I have a lot of money”, it doesn’t mean that you feel like you have a lot of money. In fact, if you don’t have a lot of money and you say the words, “I have a lot of money”, the chances are that you are in that moment feeling the opposite (that you don’t have enough money), and all your positive sounding words are doing is punctuating that fact.

Like the light and dark, sound and silence, abundance and poverty, joy and depression; life is about duality. For us to know what light is, we must have the absence of light. For us to know what sound is, we must have the absence of sound, for us to know good, we must be able to perceive the absence of that good. For us to perceive ourselves as love, we must be able to exist in a state which is other than love; this is the human experience.

Deliberately Choosing and Focussing on an Emotion

What we’re doing here, is feeling deliberately, regardless of reality. This is firing up your imagination, and pretending you’re in a situation which feels the way you want to feel. When we can accomplish unconditional emotions, reality will change to match how we feel about reality. Regardless of what is currently happening.

Life always worked this way, but somehow we saw it all backwards. We thought that we were feeling in response to life, but actually life was responding to how we felt.

When you’re doing these exercises, do them because it feels good to think deliberately. Do it for the fun of it, and not because you are trying to make anything happen. If nothing else in your life changed, but you could enjoy the images in your imagination, tell yourself that would still be enough.

If you get into the mindset of trying to make something happen, you are focussing on what you haven’t achieved yet; you are focussing on the opposite of what you want, and keeping what you want away.

As with everything emotionally based, the more specific you are the easier it is to get off balance, so if your statements start to get a bit wobbly (and only you will know if they start going off the rails) then head back to the safe general territory. Find more basic emotional words to describe the basis of each.

As you read through the examples below, you will notice that on some subjects, you can become a lot more specific and still remain in that good feeling space. If you get too specific and you start to feel bad, head back into general territory.

You will also notice that at the core of all of these are the same repeating themes; I want to feel good. It makes sense when you think about it, because at the core of everything that we want, are the same good feelings: those self-empowered elements of power, choice, freedom, expansion, newness, joy, confidence, sureness, clarity, fun.

Please refer to these as often as is helpful, but do try the exercises out for yourself, writing out your own words, and you will find them far more powerful.  It’s actually very satisfying once you get the hang of it, and a fun part of your day.

The more you practice feeling good deliberately, the more easily you can achieve these states of being. They will become like  good friends of yours, and you will enjoy visiting them when you are in line at the post office, waiting in line at the supermarket, on a long drive, when in the bath or shower, or just before sleeping and just after waking.

Don’t worry if you repeat yourself. You are aiming to speak (or write) in a way which feels good to you. Try to linger on each statement and actually feel what that emotion feels like rather than just reading the lines, feel them.

I have deliberately spaced the lines to slow down your reading, so try to consciously linger for a few seconds on each line, before moving on to the next. (click on the links below)










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