Why am I Here?

Do you feel like you’re wasting your time treading water in your daily job? Would you like to realise your true power and start manifesting the life that you truly want for yourself, and not just what other people have told you to want?

This website is here to help you realise who you are and why you are here, so that you can get on with living your life in a more satisfying way.

By satisfying, I mean you can get to get to grips with creating the things that you have been wanting for a while, train yourself to become a master-manifester, and then get on with the big stuff, those big dreams that you have about your life and what you want to do with it.

If I told you that you could have anything that you wanted, and if you believed it, what would you choose? You might start off with a new car, a nice house, and a big pile of money. But once you had worked out a good basis for yourself, after you were comfortable in creating whatever you wanted, whenever, what would you choose for yourself? This site will expand your thinking and get you thinking about those big things in life.

Life is Supposed to Feel Good

Life is supposed to feel good. You are not supposed to struggle or suffer, and you are not here to fix anything, because nothing needs fixing apart from your perspective that it does.

You are here to have a fun life, and do what you enjoy, what comes naturally to you. You will learn see the world as perfect as it is, and becoming more so. Once you see that everything is in its right place, you will allow yourself to feel good, come into your own power, and start contributing to the world in your own unique way.

You will learn to take responsibility for what happens to you, and what has happened to you in your life so far; your habitual thinking and the beliefs that you have created have laid the basis for your life up to this point. You will know that you are in charge, and you will own it.

You are going to see that selfishness is the basis from which we are born, and selfishness is the only basis from which our true joy is experienced. You may have been trained to put others first, but you will gradually bring yourself back together, to make yourself your number one priority again. Sacrificing self at the altar of others’ desires is a self-sacrifice that leads to death of the self, and ultimately to misery.

Once we put ourselves first, once we put our emotional state at the top of our list of priorities, we are back together, we are whole, and we have an enormous amount to contribute to the world. It is being separated from our true selfish nature which leads to a feeling of powerlessness, from which all bad behaviour arises.

Create what YOU Want

This site is also about learning how to be a master creator. It is about learning how to create small things, like cars, houses, money and other objects, and then creating bigger things; the things that we consider really important in life; like improving the education system for our children, improving the level and quality of housing, creating new ways to feed the planet and living in more environmentally harmonious ways.

We are the leaders and teachers who, by our example, demonstrate to the world that they too can live wonderful lives, that the abundance of this world is not finite but it is there to be created by people like us. The stream of resources is truly unlimited. New energy technologies, new ways of working, new ways to exist in joyful harmonious cooperation with other fellow human beings. These are the benefit that we will bring, in order to uplift the world.

Life is happening NOW

Personal development is not hard work, contrary to what most would have you believe. Neither does it have to take a lot of time. The psychotherapist gets paid every time you visit, so it is not in his interest to make light of your situation. He wants you to return to him time and time again, so you can work through your ‘issues’.

But here’s the thing: Feeling good is the goal were seeking, and achieving the state of feeling good is not achieved once and for all (like a tick in the box or a certificate on the wall).

Happiness, appreciation, love (call the good feeling what you will) is fleeting, and dependent on your momentary focus. You don’t become an ascended master forever more, with a plaque to hang on your wall just because you feel great once.

Emotional mastery has the potential to exist (or not exist) in each present moment. Whether or not you achieve this state, in turn depends on your focus in each moment. If you are focussed on things which make you feel good, you are in your power, but if you are focussed on the trauma of your or someone else’s life, you are not in your power.

 “Law of Attraction is the only game in town”

This site will open your eyes to the real world in front of you. Your understanding and application of the Law of Attraction will improve. We never ‘get it’ completely, but knowing  the rules of the game, and learning to apply the rules to our lives, expands us as individuals. If you want to know whats really going on, you’ve come to the right place.

You will come to know that Law of Attraction is the only game in town, and while you may be distracted by pretty butterflies as they flutter by, you will return to this valuable information time and time again.

You will come to recognise that all of the other avenues to joy are just wild goose chases; granted, wild goose chases which make people a lot of money, but they don’t get people where they want to go.

It is easier, and certainly more appealing, to spend money rather than learning to focus. People would rather buy and read another book or sign up to a new seminar, than take the wisdom contained in the ten books they already own, face up to their individual situation, and sit down and focus.

They would rather buy a box of magic pills, than change the way they think and believe about a subject such as food and nutrition. I know, because I’ve been there, done that.

But there is no other way.  If you want it, you’re going to have to learn to focus.

It’s no mistake that you are a Sensitive Soul

I have not actively marketed this website. I am not in the business of pushing my opinion onto other people. It doesn’t work. Neither am I starting some marketing racket. This material either has value or it doesn’t to the person reading it. I trust in who I am and what I know, and I believe that Law of Attraction will bring to this site the people who resonate with this information.

It is not by mistake that you have ended up reading this page. You are ready for this information, and you are ready to accept your place in the world, and to start your journey towards personal empowerment and self-fulfilment.

You are one of many souls who are more sensitive than most. Ever since you were young you have been aware that you are not like the others, that you are special, and that you have come here for special reasons. You may feel that you didn’t fit in, that you couldn’t find your comfortable place in a world that seemed to be missing the point. Your work is bigger and bolder than all of that triviality, and you know it. You may have seen your sensitivity as a curse, but it has lead you to this perfect point, so bless your sensitive nature, it will serve you well.

Life brings us what we ask for, but sometimes we aren’t yet in a place where we are ready to accept it. I have bought books which I never got round to reading, but I didn’t throw them away, I returned to them later when I was inspired to do so, and they benefitted me well. There is a perfect unfolding of all of this, as we learn to follow our emotions, feel good and follow the impulses which come, our soul will lead us to the results that we have been seeking.

Like and Like are brought together

Once you acknowledge the power of Law of Attraction, you will never lose sight of the fact that applying it to your life is not only a life’s work, it is your life’s work, and whatever you choose, whatever you feel is your most important offering to the world, is very worthwhile.

Life will bring you whatever you consistently focus upon. If you have the ability to conceive an idea, this world can manifest that idea in tangible form, but you must be able to hold the vision and trust the process at hand. Have faith and continue to focus upon what you want, and it will come.

If you read and absorb what this site has to offer, you will notice the following changes in your life:

Sensitivity – Your sensitivity will increase and you will become more aware of your life and others’

Clarity – You will become clear-minded and recognise truth when you see it

Integrity – You will start to feel like a truly authentic person, who speaks truth and recognises truth in others.

Loving – You will become more appreciative of the world, and more kind and loving to those who, you will acknowledge, are trying their best. Your happiness will not depend upon their behaviour and you will be free

Focus – you will improve your capability to focus

Self-Sufficiency – you will not cling to anyone from a premise of neediness, as you will know that you have everything that you need inside you

Power – you will acknowledge and foster the power to direct your life in any way you choose

Habits – You will replace your old self destructive habits with new, inspiring and uplifting ones. Your dominant intention will be to feel good

Soothing – You will learn that far from being a boot-camp, the path to self realisation is actually a path of soothing. As John, Paul and George once sang “All you need is love”, not motivation, not working on yourself or beating yourself up for your shortcomings. You’ve done plenty of that, it’s time to soothe yourself, just as you would soothe anyone you loved, who was not where they wanted to be.

You will also start to notice the following changes in your external life experience:

Money – you will start the exciting journey towards increased abundance. you will understand that the stream of money is not limited, and that by having money yourself you are not depriving others. As you spend money you are adding abundance to the lives of others. You will learn to attract and flow money to the world in positive and life changing ways.

Career – you will move your work towards something which reflects who you are, and presents your own unique talents to the world. You will not feel the need to stay in a job which doesn’t satisfy you, you will learn to see you job in a new light, and by changing the way you see your work, you will change your work a little at a time.

Health – you will achieve and maintain a healthy body, and use the power of your mind to lead your body towards its ideal size and shape. You will feel great, and in loving yourself more you will treat you body with the love that you feel.

Relationships – you will appreciate your relationships as the perfect fits that they are, and learn how to live and love in a healthy way, you will not push against people, but hold firm to your vibration, to your feeling of love and harmony for the world, and you will trust the universe to sort out the details.

Spirituality – you will expand your awareness of spirit, the life force, the creator of all of this, and your part within that whole. Your heart will open to new forms of knowledge and power, to the benefit of channelled material, and you will operate from that raised level of consciousness more and more.

Happiness – you will be more joyful on a daily basis. This is what it is all about.

Where do I Start?

So where to start? Anywhere you feel inspired. The message of the site is singular, and although its application is numerous, the crux is always the same

“You get how you feel”

If you want to understand your emotional basis of life, start out in the section titled

“How does it feel……”

You will quickly get an understanding of what it means to create a feeling, a mood, an emotional atmosphere around you, regardless of the conditions you are living. Once you have demonstrated that you can achieve an unconditional feeling, you know that you can achieve anything in life. You have chosen this for yourself, you know how you want to feel, now go get it!

Bookmark this site and return to it again and again, and if you have a question for me, feel free to drop me a line via the comments or contacts box below.

Enjoy the journey, it never ends,




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