Your Life's Purpose

Man’s Relationship with God

At the Basis of All Religions is the Same Thing: Love

Spiritual teachers throughout the ages, from Buddha to Muhammad to Jesus have all essentially been saying the same thing, trying to explain man’s relationship with God. They spoke in different languages and at different periods in history to explain what they meant to their audience, soother messages differ someone. Over the years as religions have formed from these powerful ideologies, their power has been used to control and coerce people, and in the process much of the original truth has been lost. Continue reading

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Mind your Own Business

Want to live a happy life? Simple: Mind your own business. If you find yourself in any kind of emotional discomfort, this is usually a stronger than normal indicator that you are not minding your own business. Continue reading

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Your Life's Purpose

You Must Step Off your Path to Follow your True Path

When I was young, I didn’t have much confidence in following my own path. You see, I was trained by my parents to look to them for guidance. Having trained me to look to them for guidance, they then proceeded to give me the guidance that I sought of them. It wasn’t that I lacked my own inner resources to tell me what path might interest me the most. I knew what I wanted, I just didn’t have the confidence to step past my parents onto that path.

I wasn’t encouraged towards activities which I enjoyed or had a natural flair for. The key criterion was academia and potential job prospects in the working world. When I look back, I am bewildered by how poor this career advice was. My father should have known better; I don’t ever remember him indicating that he loved his job. Maybe nobody did in those days, and it was just accepted that you were going to be miserable, so you might as well be rich and miserable. Even so, since when was choosing a job because it paid well EVER a good basis on which to choose a career path? The mind boggles.

Falling Off the Path

Anyway fifteen years of professional life later, I fell off my rather nice and comfortable path. Although holding a professional qualification, I struggled to find satisfying work. I’m not sure if it was them or me, or a combination of both. I could’t fake who I was any more.

I was a highly emotional person working in a technical, unfeeling field (on one occasion at work, I was taken aside and reprimanded for being ‘too happy’ ). After I left a role for which I was clearly too joyful, I struggled to persuade people that I was employable. Even though I was qualified up to the eyeballs, I couldn’t seem to get a look in. Deep down I knew I was trying to be something I was not, and so I finally decided to stop pretending and to open myself up to the ridicule of the world.

I know it shouldn’t be this way, but sadly at the present time it is. If you happen to ask enough questions, and be suitably sensitive to life, particularly if you have lived a contrasting childhood, you probably have arrived at the place where I stood. I had received answers to my questions, they all made perfect sense, but when I tried to explain them to the world, they looked at me funny.

Are You Ahead of your Time?

If you feel this way, don’t worry you’re not weird, you’re just ahead of your time. You know that life is not a random single pass event, it is a perfectly orchestrated, totally consistent playground where we get to focus our minds and create new and exciting things just for the fun of it.

We, who have asked the big questions, have allowed into our consciousness spirituality and metaphysics (and in doing so have co-joined religion with science). We understand that we are a part of what people call God, and we are guided by this inner God, or soul or source energy towards what we have asked for in the living of life. We know who Jesus was and why there was such a fuss about his teachings, having experienced the modern equivalent ourselves.

Having come across this goldmine of information, we are at first excited and want to share it with the world. We then realise that no matter how great or valuable our newly found knowledge, people will only want to hear it if they are ready to hear it. We stop pushing it to people who don’t want to hear, like our partners and friends, and get on with knowing more clearly ourselves.

We start to meditate and to increase our sensitivity, and we find old friends, and old habits and old activities less appealing, even painful to partake in. We value feeling good, we value spending time alone and we value other who are energetically on a similar level to us. We start to exist on an energy realm, we can feel people before they come and when they are near us, we sense them with our energy bodies. Our sixth sense is heightened, and we feel almost telephonic at times, knowing what to do, when to do and what precisely is going on. We feel supernatural at times, and totally full of ourselves.

Sitting Here in Limbo

There follows a period which some have referred to as ‘purgatory’. The scales of life have fallen away and we can see the world for what it is. We feel obnoxious at times, and other people see us as argumentative or provocative. We aren’t, we just know what we know, and other people are largely guessing and feeling unsure of themselves. We haven’t yet found our way to the solid demonstrations that we are seeking, the means to master manifesting physical life. Houses, money, cars and perfect life experiences that we seek.

We sit there in limbo, looking for somewhere to turn. We have one foot in the old world, and one foot in the new, and while we are not comfortable in either, we cannot turn back. Onwards and upwards is the only option. We want to know, and live, and experience what we know is there for us, but it takes a while to make that transition.

But come it does, with prayer, mediation and the steadfast faith that we will get to where we want to go, if we just stay focussed on getting there. We want no distractions and we want to live and demonstrate the truth, and then teach others to do the same.


Having come out of the other side, we see how perfect the whole system was, and how in its perfection it led us to ask the questions that we asked. We saw how our parents and their guidance led us perfectly to asking questions which allowed us to learn the truth about life, and ultimately to go on to teach others the same.

Nobody can assert anything into anybody else’s experience. It must be asked for. Only then is the answer, when it comes, meaningful. We live our individual realities, each of us asking very specific and questions which are unique to us. The answers which come are equally unique.

I see myself as a teacher. A teacher who wants to understand how to make sense of life, and then to help others see the sense in theirs. This is my path, and it has been perfect in everything which has led me to where I am.

A Giant Leap

The biggest step for me was to come out and tell the world what I knew, whether or not they were ready for it, or liked what I had to say.  I couldn’t hide who I was anymore, and I couldn’t hide what I knew. I didn’t belong in the old world, I needed to step towards the new.

As a sensitive lad,  I had always feared what other people thought of me, I was highly sensitive to other people’s reactions. I needed to get over that, to be who I was born to be, and to live the life that I came here to live.

If you knew exactly how people get what they get in life, would you be able to keep it to yourself? Would you be prepared to wait for 10 or even 20 years, sitting on the information while those around you, including yourself, carried on in the old ways of doing things, just because to tell the truth would cause a ruckus?

I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to embrace my weirdness and get on with my life. I had to tell the truth, BUT only to people who were asking the questions in the first place. This is what this website it all about, and if you get it (and not may people do), then good for you. You’re in a minority.

If you find yourself on a path popularly travelled but you feel that you are out of place, do not fear the opinions of others, step off your path and follow your true path. Then and only then can you shine as brightly as you were born to shine. Only then can you teach what you know to people who are asking, not by your words, but by the clarity of your example.

Live it, teach it, breathe it, know it, Love it, be it.


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