5 Reasons Not to Vote

They fought and died to bring you the right to vote. Surely it’s a crime to not pay a visit to the polling station on voting day?

Not really. Having the right to vote and not using it is your decision. That was then, and this is now. Things have moved on significantly, and in modern life, politics has become so irrelevant, that it almost makes no difference which party is in power.

Nobody upholds the law any more. Banks and big business = politics, and money influences politicians and their policies today more than ever before. If politicians actually had some courage to do the right thing for the country, people might be interested in what they have to say. But when it is clear they are more interested in re-election, we lose interest.

Politicians would have you believe that they are all powerful, holding the strings of control over your every ‘puppet-like’ move, but in reality they are about as significant as a very small flea on the back of a very large elephant.

If it makes you feel good to vote, then by all means do it; it is clearly the path of least resistance for you to do so, but if you’re being hassled by your peers, friends and parents to vote even though you don’t feel the inspiration, I offer you 5 reasons not to vote.

1. Regardless of Which Party you Choose, Politicians make the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer

I don’t doubt that when they get into the business, politicians have aspirations to make the world a better place, but very quickly they get bogged down in ‘the game’ that is politics.

Politicians speak the language of politics, they are not really interested in communicating in a way that ordinary members of the public can understand.

Instead they speak in a manner that appeals to other politicians. They speak in sound bites, in political platitudes, and we the public feel like children who aren’t being given the whole story.

If a fresh new, idealistic politician enters the hustings, and he has ideas which supersede those of the party line, he must back down or be ejected from the party; if a principled individual enters politics and finds a bunch of heavily unprincipled individuals who are more interested in feathering their own nests than serving the country and doing what is right, either he will fit in or he won’t last very long.

The same applies to working in any large organisation; we accept the culture and exhibit it in our daily dealings with others, or we go elsewhere. The tacit rules of the game are: Don’t think for yourself, play the game, and toe the party line.

Political parties are all the same; largely ineffective, self interested and in the pockets of banking and big business which fund them. Don’t look to them to sort your life out (unless you’re a rich banker or a CEO of a big business), because they don’t work for you, they work for those with money. Politics is about money.

As Bill Bonner states in the interview below, Politics is about selling the idea that politicians can create a better world for the people. Politics has never added one single penny to the GDP of any nation. It is the private sector that creates wealth. Politicians take it and redistribute it, mostly to themselves and the favourite industries that they have and the people who support their campaigns. Do you want to support such a crooked system?

There are a minority if highly principled MPs who are keen to push through real changes which improve social situations the political way, but they are on the extremities of the established political culture (which is centred on self-interested actions to get re-elected, and not about serving the people or doing what is right) and so they don’t get a look-in to the decision-making process. The political way is not a path of least resistance, it is a path full of resistance, and pushing against.

2. Politics is a Sideshow

The real issues of the day are always masked by politicians, and their media monkeys who are experts at dodging questions and diverting attention. The magician’s sleight of hand is nothing on the politicians ability to distract the public from the reality of the situation, let alone their contribution to it.

All sorts of appalling (and illegal) behaviour is going on and is being ignored by governments who act in ways to protect those who fund them. Don’t put your name to it by voting for any political party, abstain and show the MP’s who’s really in charge.

People feel that a hung parliament is a bad idea. I disagree. Given the broad range of ideologies in modern society, a hung parliament with proportional representation seems a very sensible way to organise ‘the admin bods’.

Hopefully their diffused nature will mean fewer ridiculous controlling statute laws coming out of Westminster, and more attention to what is really important like upholding the rule of law, and organising public services and infrastructure, and managing public finances responsibly.

3. Vote for Politics 2.0

Instead of the current mess, why not vote for accountability, transparency, and truth. As has been demonstrated by George Galloway’s decision to crowd fund his campaign for Mayor of London, there are new ways of doing things emerging in the political arena, and it has nothing to do with what we are spoon-fed by the press. The power belongs to the people, we just need to give our attention to what we want in order to move things forward.

Rather than the old system, where are asked to pick from a list of people we don’t like and who don’t know what they are doing, the crowdfunding option involves voting for who we want to represent us.

If enough people put their cash forward to get a campaign up and running, only then will the candidate stand, and stand accountable to their funders. This is funding by the people, for the people, not by big business and the politically entrenched banking and financial sector.

4. Turn the Other Cheek

Withdrawing your attention from something removes its power.

Terrorist groups like ISIS survive, grow and even manage to lure disenchanted young men and women into their folds, because they receive so much press coverage. They shock the world and get the press attention they need to survive, and their message of terror spreads along with their growing power and influence.

The press is either too stupid or (more likely) unable to pass up on the story, and in their attention to it, the problem grows bigger. If we could ignore them, like a crazy person ranting in public, they would eventually stop what they are doing, and go away.

The same goes for Politics. Don’t let your fear that some crazy Nazi party is going to get into government force you to give your time and attention to politicians.

Focus on something you can change about your life, don’t look to politics as an excuse for why you haven’t achieved your success. It is an excuse, but a pretty crappy excuse nonetheless. Take your attention away from politics and the media, and watch their influence and power in your life wane. They are only as important as you make them by your attention to them.

5. Stop Listening to the Propaganda and Wake Up!

As long as you think that the government, or anyone else, is going to sort you, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Owen Jones’ book The Establishment is an elucidating read. The sooner you put the fallacious notion that’s a government or any well meaning organisation is going to save you from your wretchedness, the better. The government has an agenda and I’m afraid it doesn’t involve you.

The government serves insolvent zombie banks and big business, as do the majority of the mainstream media. There are a few bastions of truth remaining, but they tend to be individuals like Jones, rather than papers or media channels. Seek out sources of information which ring true to you, not what is presented on the BBC or CNBC. They will feed you the big business, banking sector and the government’s agenda.

Also, read books. Books hold a great deal of truth to those who seek it, and are publishable by anyone with a will to do so, and the presence of mind to gather their thoughts. You don’t need to be sponsored by the banking sector to publish news stories in book form.

Please don’t think I’m bashing politicians. I see them as important in some elements if life, but they have got way bigger than their boots. I don’t see them relevant in my life, certainly not in their current bent state. They are close to becoming superseded.

If Polticians continue to gloss over the truth, ignoring the bleeding obvious, they will continue to lose credibility and will eventually fall by the wayside.

Of course there are those out there, mostly disempowered people, who look to politicians and the state welfare systems to provide them with their needs. But you, dear reader, by virtue of the fact that you have read this far, are no longer one of those.

You know so much more, and you are ready to take charge of your life, and to do things your way. We give others power by fostering a belief that they hold power over us. But as we ignore them and focus on what we want, we see how insignificant they truly are in the grand scheme of things.

Laws exist, but they apply very differently to different people, and they are enforced arbitrarily. As I state in my essay “why is life so arbitrary”, some people break the (criminal) law on a national scale and get away without even a slap on the wrist, while others who commit minor infractions get dragged over the coals.

Do you want this system to sort you out? If so, look to the government to legislate on your behalf by voting for it.

If, however, you suspect you are not being told the truth, and want to take control of your own life, if you want to follow your own path, mind your own business and never mind anyone else’s.

Bless the politicians in their administrative service to the country, let them go their separate way, as you yourself go yours.

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