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It’s a Conspiracy: There is NO CONSPIRACY!

They sucked me in. I admit it. They sucked me in and they sold me their stories and I bought them. It was always going to happen. I have always been someone who wants to stick up for the underdog, to do what is just and fair, and when I perceive that there is some kind of injustice taking place, it bothers me a great deal.

Ever since I was young, I have had extremely strong values; a sense of what is right and wrong. These have been shifting as my awareness of life has improved, and my understanding of LoL (laws of life) has become more apparent.

Why do things happen the way they do?

This is the one big question that people hold, and while the answer to all such questions must be tested individually, it is consistent and it takes a while to get your head around.

My previous post explains the roots of the situation, you are in charge, and you get what you think about. If you could ponder this until you really understood what it means to you, you wouldn’t need any more teaching from anyone. You would blame no one, you would selfishly and joyfully skip off into the distance, just you and your indwelling spier it capable of anything you want. You would need no other, and therefore you would finally be capable of love.

life is either consistent, or it isn’t.

Your life would be one where you hold strongly to your vision of what you want, regardless of what is going on in the world, and regardless of what other people think about your plans (even your spouse). You would keep things to yourself more and more.  You would know that you are capable of anything, and that your thoughts will attract whatever you choose to focus upon.

And yet knowing all of this, I still thought that there was some kind of conspiracy, that others had the power to exert themselves over others. There is no conspiracy. The thing is; life is either consistent, or it isn’t. It cannot be both. You are either the creator of your own reality, or someone else is. So if you are the creator of your own reality, then stop looking outside of yourself for answers, excuses, conspiracy theories. If you want to use these things as an excuse for why you’re not doing better, you are free to do so, but just realise, it needn’t be this way. These things needn’t impact you at all.

There need be no more war or conflict, as there is enough for all, and one person’s desire doesn’t overrule another’s; we are all answered in our prayers. Whether we are asking for abundance or poverty.

If you want to take the legal laws of the land into your consideration, then they will have a bearing on you. But if you choose to do your own thing, and you are aligned with that, regardless of the law of the land, then you can do as you please.

If you want to be excessively wealthy, and do no work whatsoever, then you can have this too. REALLY! Anything you want. If you can imagine being that way, and feel like that enough of the time, you can live it too.

Most won’t spend the time to conjure those feelings outside of reality, but if they could, things would change. Even if they could, most would feel guilty about being lazy (taking on board how others feel about their chosen way of life) and would feel the need to justify their choices, in so doing they dilute their focus and their energy, and achieve what they are focused upon (feeling guilty about wanting money that they feel they don’t deserve). They get that

There really isn’t much more to life than that. Focus on what you want until you get it.

So what about all those juicy conspiracy theories? They are appealing, and a lot of people – not understanding that they are in charge of their lives and are getting to choose with their thoughts – give a lot of thought to the injustices of the world, which makes them easy streams of thought to tune into. Just imagine all of the thinking that has been done o these subjects over the years.

So these thoughts are popular, are frequently peddled by the press who are in the business of selling newspapers, online content, books, tv shows, disaster relief etc. If you look at how they are making their money, you will see they are doing very well out of their agenda. Many of those who criticise the rich, are very rich themselves. It’s almost as if the story goes; “These rich people are unjust”, but what the onlookers really want is to be one of those rich people, and as soon as they are they stop criticising them.

It’s not a conspiracy, it’s called jealousy.

So never mind that lot, stop buying, reading and listening to the conspiracy theories, and start focussing on what you want. Nothing can stand in your way but your own thoughts. Keep your ideas to yourself, and only tell others when you get positive results.

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