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The BMW M3 Challenge

Is anyone reading this? Hello? Is anybody out there, or am I typing these tens of thousands of words into the ether? Ok, good there are a couple of you. Right. It’s time to make this real. You don’t want to hear me bleating on about how your thoughts create your reality. You want to see some results. OK, that’s good. I agree. Let’s turn some shit up.

What am I going to create? A BMW M3 in blue with beige leather seats. Something that looks like this (click on the photo for a bigger clearer crisper image):

It’s a good looking practical car which is exciting to drive, and I want one. Why, because I love the feeling of driving a thoroughbred car which is more than just a one trick pony. This thing is awesome, and can do so many things from the weekly shop to a day of burning Michelin pilot super sports at the track. Comfortable with your mates in the back, and perfect as a daily driver or even an executive / company car. It does give off a certain statement too, which I like.

So that is my goal over the next few months, I’m going to be driving around in a Blue M3 (the saloon version). At first in my mind, and then for real.

I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be back regularly to chart my progress on this entry, so stay tuned for more progress on the BMW M3 Challenge.

Friday 20th November 2015

Why do I Want It?

I like shiny new things. They smell good, they feel good and they make me feel good about myself. I like the sensation of a brand new leading-edge piece of technology, I appreciate all of the years of engineering know-how which have gone into this latest evolution. I like the feeling of pride that I feel when I climb aboard my new car, slip into the leather seat and fire up the raucously sporty engine and go on my way.

I enjoy getting longing glances from others when they look at me and wonder “How is he driving that thing? He’s so young” I enjoy feeling self assured and powerful when I drive my car. It is agile and taught and responsive, and it will go wherever I tell it to. It feel like an extension of my body. I love the way it responds to my inputs, and the way it gives me feedback about what it going on with the tyres and the road.

I love the feeling of security that a new car gives me. I just know that when I get in there and turn that key and push that starter button that the engine will fire into life and give me an aural and a visceral experience to behold.

I like the feeling of taking my friends somewhere. Normally cars with this much performance can only be enjoyed by the driver and one other, but I routinely take four other adults in my M3. I don’t mind being the designated driver, I just love driving such a fine handling, powerful beast of a car.

I like the feeling of getting in my M3 and driving up to Scotland for the weekend, just for fun. Because the car has such long legs, I feel invincible when I’m driving it. I feel like I can go anywhere, and this machine will allow me to experience travel and dynamics, and scenery and the joy of movement. It’s not just a car, it is a seriously fun car to drive, and it makes me want to just get in it and go, just for the fun of it. I don’t need an excuse to go somewhere, I just grab my keys, go outside, and go for a quick drive.

I love the multidimensional ability of my M3. It does track days with ease, but it’s just as happy going down the shops for a pint of milk. The other day I arrived at a meeting in my M3, and the other people there looked at me in a different way to normal. I could feel that I was prouder for having driven to the meeting in it, and as I left someone commented “Is that your car? Nice, really nice” I smiled back “Yeah, it’s really good fun”.

Here are the things I love about the car.

I love the way the materials feel and the way the interior dials and computer work.

I love the seats, they are supportive and they smell so good

I love the look go the car. It just looks so chunky and solid, like it has been carved out of a solid block of chunkiness. It looks like a touring car, all swelled up, pumped up; like a muscle car. It looks awesome, and I love spending the time cleaning it and keeping it in good condition.

I love the sound of the engine, and I love the torque that the engine produces. You wouldn’t know it was turbocharged, it feels responsive, but it also has a serious amount of shove. Awesome power plant.

I love the carbon ceramic brakes, they will stop the car all day long without fading. Awesome stoppers, and yet they work equally well in the real world going down Waitrose for some milk.

I love just climbing into my car, firing it up and going out for a burn. When I’m driving my car I feel empowered and generous. It is such a nice place to be that I am really courteous. I let people out. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I like the way I feel like a true gentleman when I drive my M3.

People admire me as I drive, and occasionally I see myself in a show window, and I feel a rush of pride that I am driving such a wonderful car. I love muscle cars, and this certainly is one of those. Room for a baby seat in the back, and a set of golf clubs in the boot. Fantastic motor, in a fantastic colour, and such a joy to behold, to drive, so much fun.


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