You Are Right!

Spend no time trying to convince anybody of anything and mind your own business. There’s really no need to get into an argument with anybody, or feel that you need to justify yourself to anybody.

Everybody gets to choose for themselves. They get to focus on what they want, and they will ultimately get what they focus on. In that sense, everyone is right”

The realisation hit me hard. You are right, because you get to choose for yourself what you focus your mind upon, and have the law of attraction bring it to you.

We think, and those thoughts gather momentum, attracting other similar thoughts, which eventually become beliefs (a belief is just a well practiced thought). By the time your thoughts have become beliefs, they are ready to manifest in your real life experience.

Once I grasped this notion and started to practice it in my daily life, I stopped arguing with people about things that we disagreed with, although I did notice that didn’t stop them arguing with me.

Conversations, where I was inquiring with interest about their opinions were taken as a personal attack on their choice. They didn’t understand that they didn’t need to prove that they were right and to bring me round to their way of thinking. I accepted that they may be right (which just annoyed them), and held my own opinion just the same.

When you consider the enormity of the concept, think about how much conversation, arguing, politics, theorising we can dump in the rubbish bin. There is no ultimate truth that people are searching for. We are each individually creating our lives by our thoughts, and we get to choose whatever that is. Ignore politics (unless you want it to play a part), ignore your parents (they have no power over you, unless you choose to given them power), ignore any truths that you don’t want to experience in your life. Let’s look at a few commonly held beliefs, what we might call common wisdom, and let’s talk them around:

Life is Hard

This is not a good belief to hold. If you think life is hard, life will demonstrate to you that this is the case. Instead of making declarative statements which aren’t in your interest, why not start making statements which are more in your favour: instead of saying life is hard, start looking for, and exaggerating the reasons why life is working out for you.

It won’t turn around in a day, but your life will start to turn around as your beliefs and expectations change for the better. I have always said, that as far as the law of attraction is concerned, the only belief that one would need to live a wonderfully satisfying life is this

“Things are always working out for me, life is good to me, and wonderful things come to me at the perfect time.”

With that belief firmly set in your psyche, you could sit back and enjoy the wonderful things as they rolled in.

I Must Work (Hard) in Order to Receive Money

Most of us believe that we need to work (hard) to get money, and so we must. It is not a bad thing to work, as we all want to be productive in our lives, to offer our talents to the world and to be a part of society. If we didn’t work, most of us would struggle to make sense of life, and our part in it.

But there is a difference between working hard, and hard work. Working hard is focussed application of your mind and body to the task at hand. When you focus, you can achieve amazing things. By contrast, hard work feels like effort, is not pleasant, and it usually involves an element of trying to control situations, or to force things which are somewhat uncomfortable.

There is a sense of trying to wring more out than a situation will comfortably yield. After most of the lemon has been squeezed, you can keep going but you are not going to get much more out of the pips and the zest, and eventually your hand is going to hurt. You quickly reach a point of diminishing returns for the amount of effort you are putting in.

Effort is not where the money is. The richest people in the world couldn’t possibly justify their salaries in terms of action. They are clever, clear minded and efficient, the opposite of the overwhelmed underpaid guy who fears dismissal and who works two jobs and hardly sleeps, and only just manages to cover his rent and bills.

Successful people feel fun, feel a sense of ease. They have brought themselves to a place where they expect the good stuff to roll in, and so it does. While the most fabulously wealthy people spout a lot of claptrap about how they worked hard and struggled to reach their success, this is a lie. There is no such thing as an unhappy journey to a happy destination. How you feel at any moment is an indicator of where you’re heading, and how it will feel when you get there.

If you are going to foster any kind of belief around money, make it this: money flows to me freely and easily, and it is not related to my action. Work smart, don’t sweat it. Look around you for examples of people who are making good money and not busting a gut. Look around you for examples of people who are receiving money doing things that they love, not sacrificing their time and joy in return for financial compensation. These people exist, and you want to be one of them as soon as you can.

If it Was Fun, They Wouldn’t Pay Me to Do It

This is a phrase that piggybacks on the previous one, but cuts a little deeper. It says ‘Work is about sacrificing my joy in exchange for cash’. Does that sound like a nice phrase to you? Me either. Does that sound like the sort of thing you want to live, given the choice? Nope. But it is the way a lot of people feel.

How about those people who play for a living. DJ Chris Evans seems to be having a lot of fun, and he gets paid enormous amounts of money, professional football players are literally playing for a living and they get enormous amounts of cash, and as I watch the films that Hollywood churns out, I can’t help thinking that the people who are having the most fun are the actors and actresses on screen. Hollywood Comedy? The real joke is that we are paying them to have a load of fun and make loads of money in the process.

I’m not saying that everyone is going to be an actor or a professional football player. Fortunately the world is a more balanced place than that. Life is not the same for everybody.  Some people are very happy sweeping the roads, other enjoy working with numbers, others enjoy strategy, or working in a physical environment, outdoors.

We shouldn’t feel forced into do anything that we don’t like to do, because out there is a job which suits each of us perfectly. When you find yourself in a job which suits you perfectly, then and only then are you are going to be brilliant and amazing and display the genius that you always suspected you had, but never saw come to light.

I Can’t Eat …….. My Body Doesn’t Like It

Every year more and more books are released which talk badly about some food or other. Having experienced some shift in their energy which changed their life, which happen to be accompanied by a change in diet, they explain the physical change in relationship to the change in diet. They also proclaim that if you also undertake the same action they took, you will get the same results, if only life were that simple. But alas, it is not the action we take, but the thoughts we think which affect our lives. And as nobody knows what anybody else is thinking, there is no way we can legislate for anyone else with action. Each individual has to find their own path to the success they are seeking.

If you believe, or if you were conditioned to believe that a certain food was bad for you, then you will not benefit from eating it. If you actively look for troublesome foods to which you might have an intolerance, you are not helping yourself either. The more articles you read about links between food and bodily disfunction, the more you are shutting down your food choices unnecessarily.

This may sound to you like:

“Oh, great! So if I tell myself that I can eat burgers, ice cream and sweets all day long and that my body will be fine, then it will?”

If you believe that you can, then you can. But if you just say these words but you still believe that what you are doing is going to affect you badly, either through increased weight, or affect your health in detrimental ways, then it will affect you badly.

The universe doesn’t hear what you say, it hears what you mean; it responds to what you believe.

Rather than trying to sort out all of the thoughts you have had since you were very small; either thoughts you picked up from your mother in the womb (thoughts have a frequency we can tune into, even before we are speaking), from your parents as you were growing up, or from things you have read or seen or heard in your life to date, make a decision to act out of inspiration, instead.

Get yourself into a place where you feel really good, and then decide what you want to eat. If you are eating from a place of feeling good, you are not eating for comfort to fill a whole, and you are not feeling guilty when eating so your body can metabolise what you do eat. When you feel good, you are also inspired to treat yourself well by eating foods which you know benefit your body. When you feel good, your actions will treat you well. When you feel bad, your actions will not treat you well.

If you know that you shouldn’t be eating something, or if you believe that eating something will make you fat, then it will. You can’t get around your beliefs.

If you find yourself arguing for your limiting beliefs, ask yourself if you wound’t rather have it another way. If the answer is yes, start taking steps to change the way you look at things. You get to choose all of it, and it starts with your thoughts, your words and your actions. Whatever you think and believe will be reflected back to you. You are right! The question is, what do you choose?

The next time someone tried to engage you in some kind of argument, expressing what they believe, there’s no need to get entangled, just say to them, “You may be right”.

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