Mental work is the Hardest work of All

Law of attraction, life, is about one thing and one thing only. “You get what you think about”. To be more precise, “You get how you feel”. Feel rich and money flows.Feel victimised and the bullies surround you like hyenas circling a weak animal.

Feel love for yourself and you will be surrounded by others who feel the same way, and who love you too. Despise yourself and other, normally kind, people will treat you with disdain.

That you get what you think about, is a fact. There is never an exception to it. If you don’t yet believe it, you most likely have not managed control of your thoughts. You may choose to give your attention to anything and everything presented, and if that’s how you choose to focus, your life probably reflects a bit of everything you give your attention to. But only when you start to focus your mind deliberately, do you see the correlation between what you think, how you feel and what comes back to you.

The great masters thoughout time have encouraged us to practice unconditional love; to see beyond the realities we are living. The cruelty, death and suffering, all exist, but we are encouraged to see things the way we want them to be, rather than as they currently are. Unconditional love is about being able to feel the emotion of Love (feeling good) regardless of the conditions occurring.

When I first stumbled across spirituality, the biggest thing I learned was that I had a choice. I could respond differently to the conditions of my life than I was trained. I could feel ok without the conditions changing one bit.

I had never really considered that I had a choice not to react, or to smile and love someone who had demonstrated unlovable behaviour. It was a revelation to me. I could feel good regardless of how others behaved (or misbehaved).

Their appalling behaviour they didn’t deserve my love, but I did. I started to detach from situations which felt bad to me, and started looking after myself, putting my own emotional state of well-being first and foremost.

Mental work is the hardest work of all

It doesn’t happen overnight. Learning to feel good when you have been practicing not feeling good for a long time, takes some practice. But until feeling good takes top priority, we remain closed off from all good things that life has to offer.

I learned from Abraham-Hicks and other spiritual teachers, that the world responds to our vibration; in essence our minds are like transmitting and receiving radio sets, sending signals like a transmitting beacon to the world, and having similar thoughts, and similar things attracted to us.

We think a thought, much like a radio set tunes into a frequency. The more we think the particular thought-vibration or frequency, the more practiced it becomes until it becomes much like a well worn groove on a record. These well practiced thoughts are what we call ‘beliefs’.

You get what you believe about the various subjects in your life, and those beliefs are only thoughts that you have adopted and practiced for yourself. You can change your beliefs, and therefore how the world responds to you, but it does require that you change your thinking.

Alas, mental work is the hardest work of all. I have found this true in my life. In 21st Century life, how easily we are distracted. The internet, our music, TV’s, box sets, the pub, our families and children. We would rather do anything but sit down and conjure a thought of our own, anything to avoid sitting down and trying to think about our lives in a way that makes us feel good.

Everything that we desire in life is for the feeling that it gives us. So why not conjure, through the power of the mind, a state of being which feels as good as having all of that stuff would make us feel (relationships, money, houses, land, cars, travel, holidays, pets)?

The irony is that once we feel wealthy, or loved, or excited regardless of the conditions (unconditional love), then the universe brings all god things.

So set your tuner to the emotional state that feels as good as you can feel, and foster the emotion rather than seeking to control conditions, and you will be on the road to achieving what you want.

  1. You will feel good (which is the reason you want everything that you think you want)
  2. Everything which matches that good feeling will come into your life in a really fun progressive way.

It’s a simple premise, but it’s just not how we have been trained, and it will take some time to persuade you that: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within You’ but that’s what we’re going for here.

Mental work is the hardest work of all -

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