How does it feel?

How Does it Feel?

Life is about feeling. You can conjure, using your imagination, the feeling of a particular situation. The older we get, the better we get at using our imagination as a tool.

As we are exposed to more of life, we observe and learn vibrations more, and these we can use to form the basis of the mental pictures that we can conjure in our minds. With age comes improved data gathering, but it is also harder to turn away from reality, to conjure those feelings surrounding the different, more desirable images of life that we have decided we want. Reality gets in the way, and it gets most of our attention.

The way I view the use of my mind nowadays is much more as a tool which I can use to feel any number of different emotions, even before the reality of those situations is evident. It might sound like a cop out, but when you come from a pure, light hearted, non-needy state of mind, pondering future possibilities is as good a use of my time as anything I can think of doing. As I have gradually tuned my vibration up higher and higher, and meditated my way into more alignment, I find more pleasure in the feeling side of life. As long as I feel good, I’m not really bothered about the rest.

Do it Through your Vibration

Pick something that you would like to enjoy. Physically, yes, but also the feeling of it, the emotion of it. You might not be able to live the life of a millionaire in reality right now, but you can have all of the emotions of such an existence right now, without anything in reality changing. Pick a state of being that you would like to experience, write it down and write down how what you want would feel. Be as specific as you can about it, really get your juices flowing, but if at any point you feel bad about what you’re saying, back your thoughts up, ease off the throttle until you are back in a more relaxed, more general place. It sounds interesting to talk about this stuff. But you will need to work out what it means in practice to you.

Remember, you don’t want all of your desires to manifest immediately, that would be overwhelming. You want a nice steady flow of good things to come to you. As much as you can stand right now. Once that car is manifested it will need cleaning, and hoovering, and insuring and you will have to scrape the bird crap off the roof and get those pristine wheels reconditioned and the those scratches repaired. But when it is in its purely imagined state, its so called ‘vibrational state’, it is pure, and you can enjoy the essence of it just as much. You can imagine being with many partners, which might be preferable to the reality of having 10 wives or husbands, which might turn out to be something rather difficult. But in your imagination? No problem. You can have as many thoughts about what you appreciate about others as you can stand.

Fall in Love with Life

Most initial love relationships feel as good as they do, precisely because the participants know so little about each other, in the beginning at least. We are forced to fill in the blanks, choosing to focus in a way that we deliberately overlook other people’s bad points. Being in love is about how we are viewing another; our state of appreciation of them, more than it is about any cold and hard ‘reality’ that the other person is offering us. When you are falling in love with someone, they can do no wrong, and in focussing only on their positives, you feel how your inner being feels about them; pure unadulterated love. Now you could feel this way about them forever, and in fact you can fall in love with the world (I would recommend it). It’s all about your focus, and whether you are appreciating or criticising yourself and others.

So how would you like to feel? Go on, let your mind run wild. Choose anything, and write a short story about it, just for fun. If the thought of this is annoying, put this aside and come back to it later when you feel inspired. There is a time and a place for everything, and it may be that right now you are better off meditating than fantasising About your dream life (that you clearly aren’t living). If you find yourself trying to do it the old way; and by that I mean trying to make up for your lack of personal alignment with what you want by taking action, if you are trying to push it through, if you feel a sense of determination, then hang up your brain, go away and do something to get yourself into a good feeling space again. Go for a walk, meditate, listen to music, drink some water, breathe deeply. As you recognise this state of ‘I must do something’ especially from a bad feeling place, you will understand what I mean by this.

Let everything come out of your state of being, let it flow from your vibe. Get into the ease of life that you want. Accept that you don’t want to feel full bore holy smokes all of the time, that you enjoy the ease of comfort. Find a place of ease and then let your behaviour be inspired out of that state of being. Your job is to get yourself into a place where you can hear the impulse from your inner guidance, to follow the path to your desires. Because your inner being knows where those things that you want are.

Let’s say you want to find a hot lover (who doesn’t?), how would you go about it? Would you look around; Would you look, look, look around. Is it you? Is it you? Is it you? Would you be really careful to get your conversation right, to say the right thing, because you have only one chance to get this introduction right, so you’d better lurk and pounce, using your judgement and your spy skills to accidentally rendezvous with this person that you have decided from your visual inspection that you want. Well you could try that but if the person has any sense they will run a mile when they get sniff of you and your plan of action

OR you could try a different way…..

Do you trust that the universe knows very well what you have asked for? Do you think you could feel your way to what you want, instead of trying to act your way? Instead of trying to use action to make things happen, follow your good-feeling impulses. You want your interactions with what you want to feel good because, feeling good is how you want all of those experiences to be, and if you’re acting from a place of not feeling good, dare I say it, you are tainting your future relationship with that thing. Why put yourself in a position with someone you care about that doesn’t feel good to you? Does that sound like a shared experience you would like to have? I didn’t think so.

To follow good feeling impulses, first you need to be feeling good. As you feel good, you are on the wavelength of your inner being, tuned into the vibe of that, and you are acting out your good feeling vibe in everything that you are. You are brilliant, funny, fun, clever, interesting, sensitive and firing on all cylinders. Moreover you have a great capacity to love because you aren’t in any way needy or reliant on anyone else. Your happiness is your own, you own it. You feel inspired to go that way, even though you weren’t planning on doing it before, but you are more easy, more open and flexible in your approach and so you come across something or someone who gives you a little breadcrumb on your trail. You are doing things because they feel like a good idea to you, and not because you promised that you would.

Perhaps you wouldn’t normally have done that thing when offered, perhaps you had another commitment which meant that you had to decline something you would rather have done. But wouldn’t you really rather follow those things which feel good to you, those impulses which really feel exciting, like a good idea? Wouldn’t you rather follow those impulses and see where they lead? Put it this way, if you don’t follow those impulses, you’ll never learn what following your guidance, following your life’s path, is all about. What it might lead to, the good and the not so good.

One way feels like responsibility, the other feels free-flowing, fun, expansive and adventurous. Your inner being is guiding you to what you want through your emotions, so if you learn to follow these good feeling impulses, you will find more of the things that your life has caused you to want, including; that perfect lover, your fortune, your desired stuff, your desired life circumstances, your improved state of being.

Are you Selfish Enough to Please Yourself?

As people reach the end of their mortal lives, they often create illnesses to give themselves an excuse to leave this mortal plane. What’s that all about? Well, it’s a learned response to life, where individuals don’t feel that they get ultimate say over where they go and what they do. People often do the same at work. They don’t want to attend a meeting, so they create a lost-voice, or they don’t want to be at work at all, so they create illness to give them an excuse to not attend. It’s legitimate, but it is all psychosomatic, all of it.

Why is this relevant? Well, if you want to be living an inspired life, you need to be selfish enough to follow your own heart towards the things that you want. If you want to leave something or someone, just leave. There’s no need to explain or justify your behaviour. “Because I wanted to” wasn’t an acceptable excuse to your parents when you were younger, but actually it was a perfectly good reason for your action.

Should you choose to follow anything other than your own inner being, you will feel the resistance of being off your path. That is what your emotions are; a visceral indication of how much you are on or off the path of your life’s work, no less than your destiny. This is not a destiny assigned to you, but a destiny assigned by you. You chose it all as you lived your life, but the question is,

“Are you going to allow yourself to move towards what you want, or were you trained to please others, and make them happy?”

Most people fall into the latter camp. If you have said that you will do this, for example stay married to this person, or even stay in a relationship with someone, or you have decided that your children need you there in this miserable marriage (your kids don’t care nearly as much as you would like to think), rather than go towards something which feels better you sacrifice your joy for others’ joy, you are destined for a life of misery where you are of no value to yourself or to others.

But if you accept that we are each here to follow our own bliss, to follow our own destinies to what we want out of life and to rendezvous with other like minded people ffrom the host of constantly changing human beings, then we can leave each other to get on with the reason we came here in the first place.

Set the Tone and Act on Impulse

Righty ho. Let’s stop the chat about the theoretical, and start getting to the meat and two veg of this whole concept. Let’s have a look at some fun feeling examples of things that feel good to focus upon. Just a bit about me:

{My current state of mind is good. I feel light and fun, I feel light-hearted, and have had a pretty good laugh this morning. I meditated and I have been thinking positive thoughts, and have been out for a lunchtime walk and ate something wholesome and good feeling for lunch. I feel satisfied (not guilty) and alert and eager, hence the inspiration, to write this piece. In fact I’ve been feeling pretty darn good for the last month with relatively few dips.}

The New Car

How does it feel to have a brand new car? It feels wonderful. I love the feeling of having new things, I love the concept of creation through thought, and I love knowing that I alone have creative control of my thinking, of where I direct my thought. I love knowing that the laws of the universe are consistent, I love the feeling of creating new things for myself. It feels exciting, it feels fun, it feels like choice, it feels luxurious, it feels like a fun game. It feels leading-edge. It feels solid and secure, and it feels and smells really good. It feels fresh and modern. It feels like choice, it feels like fun. I feel proud of myself, I feel generous, and I feel powerful and this feels like the right place to be. I feel like a worthy, well cared-for individual, the universe adores me and is cueing up more and more of my desires to give to me, as I am ready to allow them. I feel so blessed, it feels wonderful to be me. I am excited, eager and enthusiastic to go out into the world and explore it with my car, to expand my horizons. This car is perfect, it reflects perfectly who I am, and how I feel. It is quality, it is all of the things that I have asked for it to be. I am in huge appreciation of my car. It is mine, and I am really, really pleased with myself for having bought it about. I know that I can create another car and another and another, there is no end to the resources available to me. And if I can create this amazing thing, I can create anything.

Passionate Lover

{OK, calm down you lot. You are going to like this though}

How does it feel to have a really hot lover? It feels wonderful. This person feels perfect to me. It feels homely, comfortable, easy. It feels familiar and light. We interact in a fun, free and easy way. It feels easy to be with her, it feels easy to appreciate her, it feel easy to be myself when I am around her. I don’t have to explain, I feel understood, like we are communicating on a deeper level than normal people do. I feel inspired to say and to do such great things. When we are together I feel truly alive, I’m clever and witty and fun and funny, I feel generous and light hearted, and I give people the benefit of the doubt. I see the good in the world and in people I meet. I speak with cleverness, authority and a sense of complete rightness; right place right time. This feels easy and natural and smooth, and the way we interact feels so right, so perfect and so on-point. It’s almost as if this person is perfect for me, as though the universe has delivered the ideal individual direct to me.

On the surface, using my eyes, I cannot say that this person is the right person for me, they don’t look as I anticipated they might, but when it comes down to the way I feel about them, it is almost illogical. It is illogical. It is emotional. Still, I don’t care about the appearance, what matters to me is how she feels, how I feel about this person is deep love. I feel a powerful impulse towards her. When I am around her I feel great, I feel a sensation of love just looking at her, in fact just thinking about her.

I get thrills just imagining standing there telling her how much I appreciate her, gushing compliments and praise from the deepest and most purely loving part of my being. She can have it all, for nothing. I cannot help but smile to myself. I can spend hours delighting over the tiniest detail of her nose, or her lips, or her teeth, or her beautiful body. I appreciate her deeply, it feels like a profoundly deep knowing, a sense of right place, right person. I feel powerful arousal when I am around her, I have a physical reaction to her presence, a powerful response to her, a complete wetness down there. I’ve never been more aroused, ever with my clothes on. I feel a primal urge to take her to one side, to run my hands all over her delicious body, to explore her in ways that would make her mother blush.

It feels so good to focus upon her, that I really don’t want to spend any time doing very much else. I want to experience this feeling as much as I can, and I want to be around this person as much as I can. When not around her, I want to spend all of my free time tuning in to that wonderful emotion of appreciation of her. I want to focus on her in an a sense of pure appreciation because of how it feels to me to love. I am not concerned with what she is flowing to me. I love finding things in life that I appreciate, things to flow my appreciation towards. I appreciate aligned, powerful, strong, beautiful women, and this lady is certainly that.

My response to this lady is powerful. I love how we are when we are together. I feel proud, I love to show her off to my friends and family, I hold her in such high esteem. She feels special to me, not someone left over, someone valuable, unique and precious. We don’t hold each other captive, we are each free to leave whenever we want, but for now, it feels better to both of us to stay where we are, and that is with each other, than it does to go elsewhere. It is our freedom, our independent sense of joy and our freedom of choice, and our trust that makes our coming together such a powerful rendezvous when it happens. We each have our own hobbies and we have some shared interests which we love to share with each other, but we have very separate lives too.

The sex is mind blowing. I mean a phenomenally deep sensual experience, it isn’t just hot raw passion, but there is pure unadulterated desire and huge appreciation. It feels sublime. When we first met, I had a sense of how compatible we were by the power of the response that I felt when our eyes locked, and as this relationship keeps unfolding, I now understand what that emotion was all about. It was a very clear indication of how much of what I want is in this individual. Sexuality and sensuality are very important to me, and in this person I have found someone truly compatible on that level. We play off one another so well. We enjoy our sensuality immensely. It feels perfect to be together, to touch each other in pleasing ways, to give each other pleasure, to receive pleasure from each other, and to explore and enjoy the deliciousness of our sensuality in these beautiful physical bodies. I have not seen a more attractive naked body than this lady I see before me. She is sublime.

I feel enormous appreciation for this woman. Once the sense of lined up energy has subsided, our being together feels like an open-ended, exciting adventure. As I lie here naked at my lover’s side, stroking her beautiful body, I feel a sense of total ease, and comfort. I am happy like I’ve never been before. I could close my eyes and drift off to sleep right now. Bliss. I feel totally contented. There is a sense of smooth, easy, flowing energy. I feel a light pondering of our future together, and delightful anticipation of that. I feel full of myself, and delighted with where I currently stand. Life is truly good when I feel like this.

I am eager to go out into the world, I feel like I want to take my darling out, I want to share what I have with her, I want to explore the world with her, I want to sample the treasures of the world with her. It’s funny, I don’t feel like I need her, but I feel desire for her, I want her very much. She is someone I respect enormously, and have a connection with on a much deeper level than a friend alone could ever have. It feels deep and satisfying, and loving and kind and generous and parallel. It feels good to appreciate, it feels good to love.

The Perfect Job

How does it feel to have a perfectly satisfying job? I love to be at work. I used to think that I would love to just stay at home and chill, but having been exposed to that, I now know that I do want to be useful in life. I want to experience real life, something meaningful, something which contributes to the uplifting, to the improvement of the world. What I love about my work is that I get to play in big games, games where big stakes are involved, lots of money is at play and the decisions I make are meaningful and there is cause for me to focus. I couldn’t do this in my own business, so I appreciate that someone else has taken the risk to start a business, and trusts me to do my thing and have power to make important decisions which are meaningful and which count.

I love working with others, explaining, laughing, experiencing the environment where I get to apply myself to the task at hand in a team with diverse talents and characters. I love the balance that a team has, and that no two people are the same, and that we all bring our own unique abilities to the table.

I love having the environment in which to focus, somewhere I can learn and apply my knowledge to situations that need my specific talent and experience to be successful.

My job feels great to me, I feel rewarded for my efforts, I feel satisfied, I feel like I am in the perfect place, nothing is too much for me, everything that comes to me is perfect for me right now. I have never been asked to do anything which pushed me too far out of my comfort zone. I love how my experience just keeps on building and building and building, each new thing upon the last. I feel proud of myself, I feel clear minded, I love the co-creation of a really clever team which knows how to create the most amazing outcomes. It feels exciting, it feels fresh and new and interesting it feels leading edge. I awake every day filled with the sense of immense joy for life and appreciation for my role in it. It feels like a fun game where we are focussed on feeling good and allowing each other to work at our best, the culture is open and exciting.

I feel relevant, I feel clear minded and clever and sought after. It feels like I’m adding value, and quality and I feel sought after and extremely well regarded. I am extremely well paid for my insights and I am highly influential. Those I work with rise to my level, they rise to my level or they are replaced with those who do. I love how fun and playful those others are, and how much fun they add to my day. I love how clever and brilliant my workmates are, I love to guide them, and I love being guided by them. I love how well we communicate, I love how we are on such a wavelength, that our words are just the tiniest little bit of additional communication on top of a vast ocean of understanding between us. I love how we are on the same page, and focussed on the same goals, and I love how they want to make feeling good their number one priority.


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