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There are many people in the world who have very little interest in religion. Fair play to them. You don’t need religion to live a happy life, especially when you are young, beautiful, full of yourself and feel like the world is your oyster (when you feel like that, it is). These people may find that in about 15-20 years’ time, they have more questions and are seeking answers to those questions. Religion may be the answer to those questions. I hope it never comes to that.

When I see people who are full of themselves; attractive people, I love it. It fills me up. It means that I also feel full of myself, and I am recognising how I feel being reflected back to me in resonance in another state. I love to see beautiful young people, as they haven’t spend enough time fussing and worrying about what they can’t do in life, they still feel that they can be, do, or have anything; that life is going to work out for them.

Young people are more attractive because they feel better more of the time, and they feel better more of the time because they think optimistically about their chances in life, they are open to their success, and they don’t dose their desires with a big ol’ bucket of ‘reality’. They are still willing to dream, and allow themselves to do it frequently (normally in private so as not to be talked out of their dreams).

Ageing isn’t about years, it’s about the resistance which is usually picked up over those years. Some people are still fun and playful in their 80’s and they have the demeanour and the attitude and physicality of a much younger person. Others are barely into their thirties and they are grumpy, tired and brow beaten by life. Why are younger people more attractive that older people? They feel better to be with, on the whole. Right down to the little babies a few months old.


This bird feels awesome, and doesn’t care what you think of him. He is amazing to behold in all his alignment.

The closer a human being is to the source from whence they came, the more tuned in to the energy of love they are. The more an individual flows that love, the more they are in tune with that energy, the more attractive they are. People want to be with them. People want to hear them, to see them, to touch them, to lick them. They look amazing because they feel amazing. They are something incredible to behold.

Religion is a man made creation, conjured up to explain man’s fall from grace at the hands of those who went before.

The next time you see someone truly magnificent, with all of their feathers puffed up, ask yourself how you feel about them. Feel pleased for them? You probably feel like that too. Feel like they are arrogant, or proud, or cocky? You probably don’t feel like that yourself, and are finding their higher vibration annoying, and hard to take. It doesn’t resonate, it is like a dissonant chord to the vibration of your being.

So, religion is something which is a means to explain in words, that connection to love, to goodness, to total self-love and the confidence that comes out of it. But the fact is that if we were never talked out of loving ourselves as children, we wouldn’t ever need religion. Religion is a man made creation, conjured up to explain man’s fall from grace at the hands of those who went before. It explains the chain of pain, but does it do anything about it?

Left to our own devices as young ones, we would gravitate towards things that felt good to us (and usually away from our parents) and we would find our joyful ways in the world. It reminds me of a well known saying in the rooms. “Religion is for people who fear hell. Spirituality is for people who’ve been there”.


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