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Mind your Own Business

Want to live a happy life? Simple: Mind your own business. If you find yourself in any kind of emotional discomfort, this is usually a stronger than normal indicator that you are not minding your own business.

What anyone else is or isn’t doing really has nothing to do with you. If you accept that you are in charge of your life, then you have only your own individual path to follow. You create your own reality, and you do that by your attention to subjects. Looking at your path will allow an easy and comfortable path to unfold to what you desire.

Every wish you have made, every preference you have preferred, every choice you have chosen in the living of your life to date, has been carefully logged by the universe, and it is sitting there waiting in the wings for you to catch up and live it.

It sits out ahead of you, and if you are sensitive enough you may even be able to feel it. If, when you ponder certain thoughts or ideas, they light you up for you and make you feel excited or passionate, that’s a sign that they are on the path of your life’s purpose. All you need to do is to look towards the life you have asked for, the good feeling ideas, and expect your life to unfold.

Never mind anyone else, they have their own individual life paths to follow; paths that they have individually fashioned out of the experiences they have been living, the things they have decided they prefer for themselves. The timing, nature, and emotional satisfaction of anyone else’s life really has nothing to do with you. You life is your very own bespoke individual reality, and one that you have come to live for you, not for anyone else.

Never mind the rich or those you perceive to be corrupt or immoral, let them go and focus on your path. Anytime you focus upon bad behaving others and feel angst inside you, you are preventing yourself from hearing your inspiration which might otherwise guide you towards your perfect life. Mind your own business.

Of course there are things in the world that are other than you want them to be. As soon as you recognise what you prefer out of that situation, it has done its work. Now let it go, and focus on what you want rather than on where you are, or what’s gone wrong. Mind your own business.

Never mind the bankers. Yes they are swimming in vast sums of money, a lot of which they have acquired through suspicious means. Never mind the self serving 1% or 0.1%. If you were there in their shoes, you might well find yourself behaving in the same manner. Remember that other people are just trying to do the best they can for themselves; making their lives work in the ways that they can manage to make them work. It’s not perfect, and it’s not the way you would do it, but stop using it as an excuse to mess up your life. Having lots of money doesn’t automatically make you happy, and nobody is holding you down from your own wealth and success, but your own thoughts. Focus on what you want, and let that come to you. Remember, if you resent rich people, you aren’t going to be one any time soon.

Never mind the politicians, they are mostly trivial players, acting out the charade called politics. See them as the ‘admin bods’ that they really are; doing the paperwork and organising the logistics of the country. Don’t give them more power than you need to (ideally don’t give them any). They can’t ruin your life by the decisions they make, but you can ruin your life by focussing on the things that you believe they are doing which mess up your life, when you attribute power to them that they don’t hold. Take your power back and own it. Smile at the politicians and bless them for their public service, and let the pantomime go on.

Never mind your friends. Just because you went to the same school or grew up in the same town as them, it doesn’t mean you have the same desires or aspirations in life. Your mission is to follow your dreams, and to take your cues at the time which is perfect for you.

Your friends may be married with children, mortgaged to the hilt, with 3 dogs, and a big family car, while you might be 5 years their senior and still interested in your career or in travelling the world, with barely any possessions to your name and travelling on the bus to work. Trust that wherever you stand is the perfect place for you, and that when the timing is right you will know what to do.

Bless your friends, and appreciate them for their contribution to your life, but focus on your future and what you want. Clothes don’t make the man. Comparing yourself to others and seeing yourself as deficient in some way is a source of immense pain and suffering, because your inner being disagrees with your disapproval of self. Others’ lives have nothing to do with you. You must follow your own path, not the paths of others, if you want to be happy.

Never mind your parents. Thank them for doing what they did to give you physical form, and bless them for their efforts to raise you, and the perfect place you currently stand. Their mistakes helped you to ask the big questions that brought forward the big answers which are now so meaningful to you. Without your parents’ trouble, you wouldn’t be standing in such a place of clarity now. They were well meaning, but they could not, and they still cannot guide you. Only you can guide you.

Never mind your lover/partner/spouse. There, I’ve left the best for last. You might think you are two peas in a pod, you and your insignificant other, but even someone who is similar to us has incredibly diverse desires from the way that life has touched them.

Many people in love relationships make the mistake of focusing on what their partner wants, and messing up their chance of getting what they want in the process. They then resent the other for “ruining my life”.

Take your power back. You are very different people with diverse desires and aspirations. The universe is very clever at giving us what we want, and while it may look on the surface that you have contrasting desires and might fear moving away form each other, in reality, you can remain exactly where you are and elicit from the other the attributes that you want, BUT and there is a big but) you must focus on what YOU want, and ignore what your partner wants.

If they do the same, they will, in focussing on what they want, evoke those behaviours and characteristics from you and from their life. Life is about perception, about focus, and about expectation. But if you focus on the injustice of your partner telling you what to do (much as you had a tantrum when younger when your mother tried to control you), you mess up your future experience, and forfeit your chance to get what you want from life. Leave everyone else out of it, and mind your own business.

When we mind our own business, we feel good. We are focussing on things that we can control. What we think and how we feel is most important to us, and we feel ourselves moving towards things in life which are important to us.

We can then, in our state of appreciation, give back to the world. We are clear-minded, we feel great and we give generously. We know what to do, where to go, and who to deal with. We are masterful and efficient in our actions. We feel our power and we see how effective we are when we focus. We leave others out of it. We see successful others as people who mind their own business and focus on what they want, and we practice doing the same in our daily thoughts, words and actions.

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