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Feeling Angry about Something? It’s OK to Throw a Fit!

If you’re feeling angry about something, the best thing you can do is to try to feel better. Often that means getting angry about it first.

It’s also the last thing you would consider doing if you were trained to bottle up your emotions, especially your anger.

You see, other people don’t like it when we get angry. They would much rather we were depressed or frustrated than acting out how we really feel. Someone could get hurt! But the thing is, getting angry does help us to feel better; to move from a feeling of powerlessness into a feeling where we bolster ourselves and take back our power. The trick is to move through the feelings of anger quickly and onto better feeling emotions before holes appear in doors.

If you are normally in a bright shiny happy place, and something stops you dead in your tracks, a quick angry outburst should have you back feeling good again in around 20 minutes.

Often when we feel good most of the time, and then something troubles us and makes us feel bad, we feel that we shouldn’t get angry, that we are spiritually evolved. As a result we can stay stuck in those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings for far too long. Been there, done that.

As you find a way to focus your thinking from how you currently feel, in the direction of better feeling thoughts, you will feel relief.

Let’s say you have been working really hard, saving for that new BMW coupé that you have your eye on, and walking down the street one day, you see the exact car you want being driven by a teenager, a really good looking teenager full of confidence. You find yourself furious with jealousy, and for a moment you just want to kill them.

Seeing someone else living a life that you want to live, looking great, and feeling full of themselves, reminds you of what you want so badly. It also brings to your attention the fact that you don’t have it yet yourself.

Ideally you would feel appreciation for this person, and as you appreciated them, you would be lining up your energy with their lifestyle and you would be living it yourself soon enough. But at that precise moment you want to key their beautiful car and you want to punch their lights out.

The situation is compounded by your self-judgement. You are supposed to be a spiritual person, so you are beating yourself up for feeling these thoughts of jealous rage, when you’re supposed to be enlightened, loving and giving. Drop that nonsense for starters. Your doing fine, there’s nothing serious going on here. Well have you right as rain in half an hour.

When something really gets your goat, it means that you have strong desire, but at that precise moment you are looking in the opposite direction of what you want. So say to yourself. “What is it that I do want?” and start leaning in that direction a bit more with your thoughts, and as you focus on what you want you will start to feel better.

Get out a pad of paper and a pen and write down how you feel about this person, and don’t try to feel bright and shiny and happy, write down how you feel now, and follow it by writing statements which feel a little bit better. (Children cover your ears)

“I hate these f***ing young bright shiny beautiful people, they live privileged lives, they’re beautiful and rich and walk around like they own the place.”

it’s strong, but it does feel better to get angry and take some power back

“It’s like they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and everywhere they go, they just fall on their feet, it’s not fair!”

Feels a bit better

“When they’re not cruising around in that brand new car that their dad probably bought for them, they are going on modelling shoots or surfing at the beach, god they’re so perfect it makes me sick”

We’re starting to get carried away in the anger here. We don’t want to dwell in it. That statement actually feels a bit worse (it might feel better to you), so let’s try to find something a bit better.

“They may be attractive but they’re probably not brilliant at everything, I bet I’m better at some things than they are”

Feels better

“When I see this person, it does make me know what I want more clearly, and it does make me want to focus my mind more, so I suppose that’s a good thing”

feels a bit better

“There is no shortage of money or opportunity, life is fair in that it responds to each of us directly. We get what we are thinking and vibrating, so I have the capacity to live that life”

feels a little better

“I’m bringing myself more and more to understanding how this all works, and these people who come along are good ways for me to sharpen my focus”

Feels better – the statements are about what I can do to affect changes in my life, which brings back feelings of self-empowerment

“I have shown myself that by focussing like this, I can gradually write my way to feeling better about anything that is bothering me, and get back to a place where I feel powerful and full of myself, where I can feel that the world is responding to me and to what I want.”

Good! That feels much much better, and your feelings of power are returning.

“That could quite easily be me in that car. I can see myself at the wheel cruising around feeling full of myself, I’m just going to imagine that for a moment”

feels better

“If feeling good is the ultimate indicator, then I do feel good the majority of the time, and when I don’t, I know how to get myself feeling good again, by doing quick little exercises like this”

feels better

“I know that law of attraction responds to each of us equally. Some people call it god, some people call it spirit, I know that I have all of the power I need to create for myself anything I choose, I just need to focus my thoughts to things that feel good. At the moment I’m doing that, and it feels good to have creative control of my emotional state, because emotions mean everything”

feels better

“I’m looking forward to ironing out the creases in my life one at a time as they pop up. I will learn to appreciate those who are living the life that I want to live (even if I have to do exercises like this), I’ll avoid the rabble rousers and stay in a place of feeling as good as I can, because when I feel good I can feel my power and I like to feel powerful, and when I feel bad I feel powerless, and I don’t enjoy feeling powerless. But at least I know how to get from feeling powerless to feeling powerful again on any subject in the world.”

Feels better

“I’m doing really well, I’m happy where I am and I’m enjoying moving towards what I want”


This is of course just an example. Use it to understand the process of shifting your mood by focussing. You will need to do the work yourself. If the statement doesn’t feel better, scrub it out and have another go at it. Before long you will feel better.

You may have to do this a few times to get to a place where these things don’t bother you. If, while doing the exercise you sense that you have resistant thoughts, negative thoughts about a particular subject, take that subject aside and work on it separately. It might be, rich people, beautiful people, politicians. Whatever the subject, focus your vibration into a better feeling place, if it makes you feel better start out with a few swear words.

The brain is not a storage facility containing information and memories. It works instead like a radio transmitter receiver. It tunes into thoughts and memories we have perceived.

Life is a vibrational interpretation; the brain allows us to decipher the vibrations around us via our senses; light (via eyes), sound (via ears) etc, when focussing the mind on a subject, we tend to tune itto the station which we are familiar with, that means that the thought vibrations of our brains are where we last tuned in. That familiar radio station, if you like.

If we learned a vibration of resentment of rich people from our parents, and we never focused our thoughts deliberately towards better feelings, we probably still resent rich people twenty years later. It’s not a fact, it’s just a learned thought vibration. You can change it with focus, and when you do you will love everyone, you will feel great all of the time (ok most of the time) and you will be living heaven on earth.

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