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Want to be Rich? Appreciate Rich People

Whatever you want to appreciate in your life, focus upon it with an attitude of appreciation.

Whatever it is that you want to live, whether you are currently living it or not, take the time to appreciate it.

Do it for the fun of it; because it makes you feel good.

Most people don’t realise the power of deliberately focussing in appreciation, mainly because they have never done it. But once they try, they find the results are powerful.

Let’s say you want to be rich, really rich. I mean the sort of person who pays no attention to how much things cost. The sort of person who has an unlimited bank account containing more money than they could ever comfortably spend in their lifetime, and getting bigger.

Let’s say you want to be so rich that you can walk into a Ferrari dealership and pay, in cash, for the car sitting right there on the showroom floor.

Let’s say you want to be so rich that your Monday mornings are normally taken up writing out cheques to the tune of around £100,000 each week to various beneficial causes that you agree with, and your afternoons are often spent on the golf course or horse riding in the countryside on your vast 150 acre estate.

How do you feel about people who live like this? Do you find them in some way inappropriate? Do you see them as lazy? Are they getting more than their fair share of money? Are they taking that money from the hard working classes of this country?

How do you feel about city bankers who take home million pound bonuses, buy huge mansions, drive Lamborghini’s, eat and drink in the finest restaurants and have membership at the most exclusive members’ clubs, and all at the tender age of 28?

How do you feel about fabulously wealthy people who didn’t even earn their money? Do you think they are somehow inappropriate? Because if you do, you’re not going to be getting any money unless you also work hard for it. If you want to receive money easily and without effort, you need to appreciate others who have experienced the same.

Not so long ago, I had a bone to pick with bankers and I had a bone to pick with the financial system and the property market.

Being someone who wants to make the world a better place, I had studied it for many years and I had come to the conclusion that the whole financial system is a house of cards, a giant ponzi scheme based upon monopoly money, created out of thin air by banks and pumped into the system to drive up commodity prices, as well as (through the magic of compound interest) making those same bankers very wealthy. I saw the ability to create and manipulate with money as a huge unearned privilege, and yet those same bankers had no reason to take responsibility for their often reckless gambling, having been bailed out time and time again by successive governments (the taxpayer).

I must admit I still see the system this way, I just have stopped fighting against it. I acknowledge that most people can’t see clearly enough to see beyond the end of their noses. I also acknowledge that I can go out and get my own, or I can get bogged down trying to change the financial system which I cannot control.

The funny thing is, I even know some of those very bankers and would call them friends. They live in million pound houses, drive brand new cars and they live well. But even so, I felt that they were all crooks.

And on the face of it, it was me that was still in rented accommodation, without very much money, so who was winning? Was I getting the system to change? No, the system is what the system is. My resentment for these rich, unprincipled and irresponsible people (as I saw them) was only hurting me. They were the ones living in beautiful million pound houses. The system favours those who go out and get, and it doesn’t favour those who want to follow the rules.

I had heard it said

…you cannot criticise rich people and be rich yourself…

but no matter how many times I had heard that line, it didn’t sink in.

Then one day, I finally heard it. I realised that I was criticising these rich people, and holding the money away from myself. It’s not that they are evil people, they are just playing in a game, in a system which is what it is, and making the most of the game that they are playing in. Had I been in their position, I would been doing exactly the same thing.

It struck me hard in the chest. I didn’t appreciate them, and I wasn’t going to be living a life like them any time soon.

So practiced were my thoughts that I almost felt that I would rather be right than be happy. It’s not fair! I said to myself again and again. I felt that I would rather feel the self-righteous indignation about a corrupt and broken monetary system than have a share of that money myself.

But these were old thoughts, strong old active thoughts from before I knew anything about law of attraction. Now I know that money comes to people who feel rich, full stop. You get what you think about and you get how you feel. These bankers had lined up with an intangible feeling of wealth, and so attracted it to themselves. They would probably give you another story. I don’t mind. I know what I know.

I noticed the single-minded purposefulness of bankers; their ability to focus on money. I also noticed that bankers were not pushing against anyone else, they were just getting on with making a shit-load of money for themselves and their clients.

Those who were pushing against them (people like me) were only depriving themselves of what they wanted in the process.

So I started to talk the situation around into a place where I not only didn’t hate their guts, I actually tried appreciating rich people (and bankers) for the benefit they bring to me and to the rest of society:

  • There is no shortage of money.
  • The supply of money is unlimited, and it is there for each of us to create and to receive, but we need to focus upon what we want, and not on the opposite.
  • When I see these rich people, I am grateful to them, because they show me that living a life abundant of money is possible.
  • A lot of these people are not taking the money that others have created, they are creating new economy, they are creating the money through their own actions.
  • When rich people spend money (and not all rich people do spend money), they are contributing to the lives of those people who they spend their money with
  • The more money that people spend, the more the rest of the population are benefited.
  • In a recession people become poorer because the money flow stops, not because there’s any less money, so its good that rich people are there to keep spending
  • I would like to be someone who gets into a place where I can allow significant amount of money into my experience, and to flow that cash towards other people and benefit their lives as well as benefitting my own
  • The only reason that more people aren’t fabulously wealthy is that they haven’t yet found what it feels like to be that rich.
  • I appreciate the example that rich people show about how it is possible to earn huge amounts of money with very little effort
  • Not all rich people are lazy; there are rich people our there who are working harder than everybody else put together, they are effective people, and contribute enormously to society
  • The world needs wealthy people to subsidise those who don’t have any money.
  • The reason that we are running a budget deficit is because the majority of the population are taking out of the system more than they put in. Rich people are putting more into the system than they are taking out, and in so doing, they are benefitting society enormously
  • I like it that there are people with money who make decisions based upon things other that cost; they like the style, they like aesthetics, or they appreciate the idiosyncrasies of a particular thing.
  • I appreciate the eccentiricity of rich people, they follow their hearts rather than following the herd and they do extremely well, it is a lesson to us all
  • I appreciate the rich people who choose to be the guardians of immense and beautiful homes. By living in these enormous castles and stately homes, they preserve them for future generations to enjoy. If there were no rich people, all of these wonderful grand building would have been destroyed and replaced with Wimpey Homes.
  • I appreciate the benefit that people with money bring to an area; they drive up the quality of shops, the quality of  restaurants, and the quality of businesses that they are prepared to deal with, because they have higher expectations.
  • I appreciate the example that they show to us all, the desire that they inspire in each of us. When I see a wealthy person driving a magnificent car, it makes me want to focus my mind to feel like that too.
  • Imagine how cool it would be to walk into the local Audi Dealership and buy the car sitting on the showroom floor; like the R8 V10 in frozen blue with carbon ceramic brakes, carbon trim everywhere and a B&O stereo system that I saw the other day. Imagine thinking nothing of putting £133,000 onto your debit card, because you know that you have a literally unlimited bank account, you know how to create as much money as you have any sensible use for, and so you just enjoy and appreciated things in life and they come to you.
  • Imagine how great it would feel to be among those people who have the ability to really enjoy life, to take time, to savour, to experience the best that life has to offer, to choose to participate in things because you want to; whether it is a safari in Africa, a holiday in the Seychelles, going to Australia for 6 months, taking a road trip across America by motorcycle.
  • I appreciate the inspiration that these wealthy people provide, they are an inspiration to us all to stop looking for others to hand out things that we want, but to go out there and to get these things for ourselves.
  • I appreciate the ease, the fun, the quality, and the choice, and the luxury that rich people experience, they move about in comfort and ease, they travel in luxurious cars, travel in ease and comfort on first class in planes, and they use private transport and helicopters whenever they feel it appropriate, and in so doing they benefit those people who want to provide such a service.
  • The money that we spend, and that rich people spend in abundance filters down to benefit many others. Some of these will buy food, some will pay for the education of their children, many will eat in restaurants, and use the transportation systems of this country, most will pay taxes that will go back into the system and benefit everybody. The more we spend, the better off the economy and everyone who participates in the economy is, we should bless those who spend the most.

Now, it might take few runs at it before you can really truly say that you appreciate rich people. When you get there, when you really feel like those people who have a lot of money, when you have turned it around in your head that these people are not monsters, they are examples of people who have found a vibration, an expectation of receiving money, and they are allowing themselves to perpetuate that feeling, and so the money comes, you will be on your way to your own path of unfolding to a similar life.

The universe matches you up with how you feel, feel rich, and things which match that come to you. feel resentment about rich people (the opposite of rich) and the opposite of rich comes.

Money doesn’t come to people because they are taking more than their fair share, or because they are taking it from someone else. Money comes to people who feel like money should come to them. If they work as bankers, or salesmen in the middle of big deals, then so be it, but they have brought themselves to an expectation of receiving lots of money, and so they do.

There are lots of people who work in banking and finance who do not feel that they deserve lots of money, they may in fact lose their emotional stability and lose all of their money, it depends on the individual. Observe those who are doing well, and appreciate them for it.

I would rather that I lived in a country with people who are rich, creating for themselves than a country full of people who are poor and living off handouts, making the government borrow more money to pay for them. How about you? Wouldn’t you like to be benefitting the world by creating and spending vast sums of money yourself? I know that you would. So get on with it. Find how it feels to be fabulously wealthy, and then wait for the inspiration to follow to your prize.

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