How does it feel?

How Does it Feel?

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Feeling good

Tuned in to Life Force

There are many people in the world who have very little interest in religion. Fair play to them. You don’t need religion to live a happy life, especially when you are young, beautiful, full of yourself and feel like the world is your oyster (when you feel like that, it is). These people may find that in about 15-20 years’ time, they have more questions and are seeking answers to those questions. Religion may be the answer to those questions. I hope it never comes to that.

When I see people who are full of themselves; attractive people, I love it. It fills me up. It means that I also feel full of myself, and I am recognising how I feel being reflected back to me in resonance in another state. I love to see beautiful young people, as they haven’t spend enough time fussing and worrying about what they can’t do in life, they still feel that they can be, do, or have anything; that life is going to work out for them.

Young people are more attractive because they feel better more of the time, and they feel better more of the time because they think optimistically about their chances in life, they are open to their success, and they don’t dose their desires with a big ol’ bucket of ‘reality’. They are still willing to dream, and allow themselves to do it frequently (normally in private so as not to be talked out of their dreams).

Ageing isn’t about years, it’s about the resistance which is usually picked up over those years. Some people are still fun and playful in their 80’s and they have the demeanour and the attitude and physicality of a much younger person. Others are barely into their thirties and they are grumpy, tired and brow beaten by life. Why are younger people more attractive that older people? They feel better to be with, on the whole. Right down to the little babies a few months old.


This bird feels awesome, and doesn’t care what you think of him. He is amazing to behold in all his alignment.

The closer a human being is to the source from whence they came, the more tuned in to the energy of love they are. The more an individual flows that love, the more they are in tune with that energy, the more attractive they are. People want to be with them. People want to hear them, to see them, to touch them, to lick them. They look amazing because they feel amazing. They are something incredible to behold.

Religion is a man made creation, conjured up to explain man’s fall from grace at the hands of those who went before.

The next time you see someone truly magnificent, with all of their feathers puffed up, ask yourself how you feel about them. Feel pleased for them? You probably feel like that too. Feel like they are arrogant, or proud, or cocky? You probably don’t feel like that yourself, and are finding their higher vibration annoying, and hard to take. It doesn’t resonate, it is like a dissonant chord to the vibration of your being.

So, religion is something which is a means to explain in words, that connection to love, to goodness, to total self-love and the confidence that comes out of it. But the fact is that if we were never talked out of loving ourselves as children, we wouldn’t ever need religion. Religion is a man made creation, conjured up to explain man’s fall from grace at the hands of those who went before. It explains the chain of pain, but does it do anything about it?

Left to our own devices as young ones, we would gravitate towards things that felt good to us (and usually away from our parents) and we would find our joyful ways in the world. It reminds me of a well known saying in the rooms. “Religion is for people who fear hell. Spirituality is for people who’ve been there”.


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How does it feel?

Profile of an Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI)

Do you want to be rich? I mean really rich; seriously, fabulously, excessively wealthy? Then you’d better start thinking and feeling like someone with lots of money. People with lots of money are called Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. They typically have liquid assets in excess of $30m. Sound good to you?

If you want money, and lots of it, then the following exercise shouldn’t be in the least bit tiring or onerous. Imagine you’re going into a cinema to watch a movie, except this movie is a movie that you (or in this case, I) are writing the script of.

As you experience first hand how it feels to be the individual living the life in question, it will feel good to you. The attitude will also, in the course of time, bring you lots of money. Don’t ask how it works, trust that it does, and keep this to yourself. In the meantime just enjoy the feelings that conjuring these emotional states brings to you, and do it as often as it feels good.

If you take the time to do these fun exercises daily, you will be training your vibe to one of a rich person. The world outside doesn’t know whether you are rich, or whether you feel like you are rich. It responds to you in the same fashion, either way; by sending you money.

How Much?

So what are we talking here? Let’s say you are making £78m a year, which after tax is equivalent to around £160,000 a day. That’s right, imagine having 160 grand to spend every day. That’s the sort of thing we’re talking about. Feel good to you? Great, let’s get our imaginative juices flowing and see if we can imagine how it feels to have that kind of power, money and influence to affect our and others’ lives to the positive.

I’ll take you through the exercise which follows, but really this is something you want to be conjuring for yourself, in your own imagination, as you will feel it more. This is my conjured story, made up of experiences from my life. Your story will be uniquely yours. Once you get the hang of it, you can apply this technique to any situation you imagine you would like to live. Money, love, power, influence, creativity. The only thing limiting you is your imagination, or lack thereof.

As someone with £160,000 income per day…………

What Kind of a Day do I Normally Have?

As I come round from my sleep in the most natural way, I feel a sense of excitement, as though I’m waking up into a good situation. I can’t see anything yet, but I can just sense that this is a good place to be.

Life feels easy and effortless. I feel lighthearted, fun and frisky. It feels a bit like Christmas Day. I stretch my refreshed body, feeling a sense of my easy, empowered life. I feel like a child in a sweet shop; I have the financial means to enjoy many sensory treats, and a huge choice available at my disposal.

I roll out of my large, soft, supportive bed, feeling totally refreshed, and with a calm but deliberate effort, I get myself up. I have an important and meaningful day ahead, which I’m immensely looking forward to.

The cascade shower is hot and all encompassing, and it invigorates and awakens my senses. I wash in the most luxurious balms, and shave with the sharpest razor blade before donning some expensive aftershave. I dry myself with a thick, soft, cotton towel, and return to my room to dress. Everything around me in the bathroom; the materials, the lotions and potions and tools are all of the very highest quality.

In the attached dressing room, I have a walk-in-wardrobe where all of my shirts, suits, shoes, ties and underwear are all neatly stored. I choose the tie I will be wearing, then the shirt and suit to accompany it, and then the shoes.

It is important to wear a good tie. What tie a man wears, says a lot about him. I only wear ties which really reflect who I am. It’s a very personal thing. I have several waistcoats and overcoats to add flair and additional protection from the elements as the conditions and weather dictate. All of my shirts return from the laundry ironed and ready for me to wear. Likewise my shoes are polished for me. I never wear the same pair of shoes on successive days, and I put them in their cedar shoe trees overnight to dry.

Once dressed, I head downstairs for some refreshment. From my room on the third floor to the ground floor there are two additional floors with bedrooms and dressing rooms, games room, cinema room and music room. The staff rooms are up in the eaves, accessed via the rear staircase. As I traverse the landing and descend the great central staircase, the morning sun is shining in through the window, illuminating the wood. The stairs feels solid and sure underfoot, and the smell of treated wood is distinctive and familiar.

I walk into the kitchen at 9.45am, and our housekeeper Trudy is there and greets me. She makes the best poached eggs on sourdough, so I ask her for some fresh coffee and eggs on toast (we have 10 chickens which provide the freshest, most delicious eggs, and a Cockerel who keeps his flock in order). There is some freshly squeezed orange juice, and some home made bacon (from local pigs) which is sitting in the canteen. I sit on the verandah outside in the warm morning air and glowing sunshine, and slowly and deliberately savour every morsel of my delicious breakfast. I consider the day I have ahead, focussing on what I want to achieve.

I am the one who sets the timings for my week, arranging meetings at a time that suits me. I always give myself a nice schedule when going out on business trips. My philosophy is “work smart, don’t work hard” and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

As I finish my breakfast, I thank my staff and head to my study to gather my affairs. I walk into the wood panelled room and sit behind my large bureau and gather my papers for the day, slipping my macbook pro into my leather briefcase, I pick up my pen and papers. The phone rings, it’s my concierge Jimmy, he’s organised my travel for the day, all I need to do is get to the airfield for 10.30. I thank him, grab my passport and leave the house, saying goodbye to Trudy as I exit.

I press my thumb into the fingerprint reader to gain access to the garage. As I walk in, the motion sensor picks up my movement and the lights of the long white garage flash into life. I smile as I look upon the stable of fine motor vehicles laid out before me; among them, a Ferrari F12 in Rosso Corsa, a Porsche 911 GT3RS, an Aston Martin DB9, a Subaru BRZ, and my current business car a BMW M3 in Yas Marina blue. The M3 is a great runaround, and it is perfect for business trips. I only use the F12 when I’m meeting rich Arab Sheiks as they usually turn up in their Lamborghinis and Koenigsegg’s, so anything less ostentatious than a Ferrari just looks like poor form.

I walk up to the BMW, the door is unlocked. I open the door and slip inside. It smells fresh and new. Jimmy keeps these cars in great condition, he has them valeted every month so they stay looking as good as new. I press the garage door button, press the car starter button and exit the garage. I feel proud as I head towards the airfield. Everything feels tight and taught and perfectly within my control, and I blast off down the road on a smooth and effortless wave of torque and power.

I turn on the entertainment system and my favourite song is playing on the radio. I feel blessed and smile to myself at the synchronicity of turning on the radio with such perfect timing. My actions while driving the car are deliberate, purposeful and perfectly judged. I am driving with assured confidence, and it feels great to drive with such deftness and tactility.

I pull into the airfield, and park up in the car park and enter the outbuilding. Dom is there, and he greets me, offers me a coffee and tells me that he’s about ready to go, just needs to carry out some final checks. After I’ve drunk my coffee and skimmed the newspaper, we walk out to the jet. I climb up the steps of the Citation X jet. Annabel greets me at the top of the steps, and I say hello to her and to the co-pilot Dan. Dom, Dan and Annabel are on the payroll, and they carry us around wherever we need to go. It’s great being so close to the airfield, and being able to fly anywhere so quickly. Within 5 minutes, we’re taxiing and have taken off bound for Geneva.

At Geneva airport I’m met at the bottom of the steps by a man who takes me to a Maybach parked nearby and I’m whisked off to my meeting in a beautiful office overlooking the lake. I ask him if he can arrange for me to have a fresh ham and cheese baguette for my journey home around 12. No problem, he says. I smile and look forward to my lunch.

The meeting is a useful one. For the last 6 months we have been discussing how we are going to bring to market our specialist product, given our current market constraints. We make some headway today, as our host has brought along someone with some very useful isight into not only the legal elements, but he also has experience of deploying new technology. By 12.15 we’ve agreed a way forward, and I’m happy that the meeting has been productive. I have a hair appointment back at home at 3.30, so I’m keen to be heading off as soon as possible, and we’ve done all we can do here today. I thank our guests, agree a list of outputs from the meeting and timeframes in which to deliver them, and go on my way.

Whisked back to Geneva airport in quiet serenity, I sip on a bottle of fresh, lightly sparkling ‘petillante’ as the French would say, mineral water. True to form, I am greeted by the pleasing sight of a fresh ham and cheese baguette on my table back on the jet. There are fewer things in life as good as a Swiss ham and cheese baguette. Blessed are the cheesemakers!

On the journey home I make use of the Wifi in the plane, working out strategy roles for the next few months, and turn up home in time for my haircut. As my hairdresser is sweeping up my shorn locks from the kitchen floor, my wife and children enter the room from school, greet me with a shout and a kiss, and carry on with their fun activities. I embrace my wife, and ask her about her day. She’s had an interesting one, had an early start and was off visiting parents before picking children up from school.

I give my wonderful hairdresser a very generous gratuity, and thank him for the experience, before slipping off to the library where a number of matters have been laid out for me by Jimmy. Most are just signatures required on cheques, these amount to £100,000, for the life causes our family supports, and of which I am patron.

Others are personal family matters requiring more attention and focus. It feels good to benefit the world, and it’s nice to be the one with the influence and power. I get to choose where my benefit flows, and to see the results.

I feel that today has been a hugely beneficial, interesting and insightful one. I sit at my desk, relaxed and focussed, and I write down my appreciation for the elements of my life which I enjoy. Supper is normally at 7.30, which gives me an hour for a swim. I grab my trunks and head out to the pool for a few lengths before supper and to unwind from the day. As I stretch out in the large expanse of cool water, silence all around me, I revel in my body’s strength and flexibility and think about how much I have achieved today, and yet how easy it was.

Supper is delghtful. Our housekeeper and cook Trudy used to run a restaurant and is a massive foodie. She does the classics well like Fish pie, Beef Bourginion etc, but she also loves experimenting with fresh new ideas from the latest books, TV and Radio shows. Tonight the aromas coming off her home cooked meals are so warm and comforting, and the meal itself is a delight. The children are gone as soon as they finish, and they have my blessing of course to do as they are inspired.

I often cook for the family, on Trudy’s nights off; Wednesday and Saturday, or we might go out for dinner in a local restaurant. I enjoy baking, and artisanal food production fascinates me, hence the chickens and local pigs.

As I climb into my luxurious bed to drift off to sleep, I lie staring up at the ceiling thinking about how life is wonderful and how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family, friends and helpers. I appreciate how much I am benefitting the world through my actions, and I look forward to more wonderful things unfolding for me and for those I love in the near future.

Profile of an ultra high net worth individual –

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It’s a Conspiracy: There is NO CONSPIRACY!

They sucked me in. I admit it. They sucked me in and they sold me their stories and I bought them. It was always going to happen. I have always been someone who wants to stick up for the underdog, to do what is just and fair, and when I perceive that there is some kind of injustice taking place, it bothers me a great deal.

Ever since I was young, I have had extremely strong values; a sense of what is right and wrong. These have been shifting as my awareness of life has improved, and my understanding of LoL (laws of life) has become more apparent.

Why do things happen the way they do?

This is the one big question that people hold, and while the answer to all such questions must be tested individually, it is consistent and it takes a while to get your head around.

My previous post explains the roots of the situation, you are in charge, and you get what you think about. If you could ponder this until you really understood what it means to you, you wouldn’t need any more teaching from anyone. You would blame no one, you would selfishly and joyfully skip off into the distance, just you and your indwelling spier it capable of anything you want. You would need no other, and therefore you would finally be capable of love.

life is either consistent, or it isn’t.

Your life would be one where you hold strongly to your vision of what you want, regardless of what is going on in the world, and regardless of what other people think about your plans (even your spouse). You would keep things to yourself more and more.  You would know that you are capable of anything, and that your thoughts will attract whatever you choose to focus upon.

And yet knowing all of this, I still thought that there was some kind of conspiracy, that others had the power to exert themselves over others. There is no conspiracy. The thing is; life is either consistent, or it isn’t. It cannot be both. You are either the creator of your own reality, or someone else is. So if you are the creator of your own reality, then stop looking outside of yourself for answers, excuses, conspiracy theories. If you want to use these things as an excuse for why you’re not doing better, you are free to do so, but just realise, it needn’t be this way. These things needn’t impact you at all.

There need be no more war or conflict, as there is enough for all, and one person’s desire doesn’t overrule another’s; we are all answered in our prayers. Whether we are asking for abundance or poverty.

If you want to take the legal laws of the land into your consideration, then they will have a bearing on you. But if you choose to do your own thing, and you are aligned with that, regardless of the law of the land, then you can do as you please.

If you want to be excessively wealthy, and do no work whatsoever, then you can have this too. REALLY! Anything you want. If you can imagine being that way, and feel like that enough of the time, you can live it too.

Most won’t spend the time to conjure those feelings outside of reality, but if they could, things would change. Even if they could, most would feel guilty about being lazy (taking on board how others feel about their chosen way of life) and would feel the need to justify their choices, in so doing they dilute their focus and their energy, and achieve what they are focused upon (feeling guilty about wanting money that they feel they don’t deserve). They get that

There really isn’t much more to life than that. Focus on what you want until you get it.

So what about all those juicy conspiracy theories? They are appealing, and a lot of people – not understanding that they are in charge of their lives and are getting to choose with their thoughts – give a lot of thought to the injustices of the world, which makes them easy streams of thought to tune into. Just imagine all of the thinking that has been done o these subjects over the years.

So these thoughts are popular, are frequently peddled by the press who are in the business of selling newspapers, online content, books, tv shows, disaster relief etc. If you look at how they are making their money, you will see they are doing very well out of their agenda. Many of those who criticise the rich, are very rich themselves. It’s almost as if the story goes; “These rich people are unjust”, but what the onlookers really want is to be one of those rich people, and as soon as they are they stop criticising them.

It’s not a conspiracy, it’s called jealousy.

So never mind that lot, stop buying, reading and listening to the conspiracy theories, and start focussing on what you want. Nothing can stand in your way but your own thoughts. Keep your ideas to yourself, and only tell others when you get positive results.

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Manifesting 'Stuff'

The BMW M3 Challenge

Is anyone reading this? Hello? Is anybody out there, or am I typing these tens of thousands of words into the ether? Ok, good there are a couple of you. Right. It’s time to make this real. You don’t want to hear me bleating on about how your thoughts create your reality. You want to see some results. OK, that’s good. I agree. Let’s turn some shit up.

What am I going to create? A BMW M3 in blue with beige leather seats. Something that looks like this (click on the photo for a bigger clearer crisper image):

It’s a good looking practical car which is exciting to drive, and I want one. Why, because I love the feeling of driving a thoroughbred car which is more than just a one trick pony. This thing is awesome, and can do so many things from the weekly shop to a day of burning Michelin pilot super sports at the track. Comfortable with your mates in the back, and perfect as a daily driver or even an executive / company car. It does give off a certain statement too, which I like.

So that is my goal over the next few months, I’m going to be driving around in a Blue M3 (the saloon version). At first in my mind, and then for real.

I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be back regularly to chart my progress on this entry, so stay tuned for more progress on the BMW M3 Challenge.

Friday 20th November 2015

Why do I Want It?

I like shiny new things. They smell good, they feel good and they make me feel good about myself. I like the sensation of a brand new leading-edge piece of technology, I appreciate all of the years of engineering know-how which have gone into this latest evolution. I like the feeling of pride that I feel when I climb aboard my new car, slip into the leather seat and fire up the raucously sporty engine and go on my way.

I enjoy getting longing glances from others when they look at me and wonder “How is he driving that thing? He’s so young” I enjoy feeling self assured and powerful when I drive my car. It is agile and taught and responsive, and it will go wherever I tell it to. It feel like an extension of my body. I love the way it responds to my inputs, and the way it gives me feedback about what it going on with the tyres and the road.

I love the feeling of security that a new car gives me. I just know that when I get in there and turn that key and push that starter button that the engine will fire into life and give me an aural and a visceral experience to behold.

I like the feeling of taking my friends somewhere. Normally cars with this much performance can only be enjoyed by the driver and one other, but I routinely take four other adults in my M3. I don’t mind being the designated driver, I just love driving such a fine handling, powerful beast of a car.

I like the feeling of getting in my M3 and driving up to Scotland for the weekend, just for fun. Because the car has such long legs, I feel invincible when I’m driving it. I feel like I can go anywhere, and this machine will allow me to experience travel and dynamics, and scenery and the joy of movement. It’s not just a car, it is a seriously fun car to drive, and it makes me want to just get in it and go, just for the fun of it. I don’t need an excuse to go somewhere, I just grab my keys, go outside, and go for a quick drive.

I love the multidimensional ability of my M3. It does track days with ease, but it’s just as happy going down the shops for a pint of milk. The other day I arrived at a meeting in my M3, and the other people there looked at me in a different way to normal. I could feel that I was prouder for having driven to the meeting in it, and as I left someone commented “Is that your car? Nice, really nice” I smiled back “Yeah, it’s really good fun”.

Here are the things I love about the car.

I love the way the materials feel and the way the interior dials and computer work.

I love the seats, they are supportive and they smell so good

I love the look go the car. It just looks so chunky and solid, like it has been carved out of a solid block of chunkiness. It looks like a touring car, all swelled up, pumped up; like a muscle car. It looks awesome, and I love spending the time cleaning it and keeping it in good condition.

I love the sound of the engine, and I love the torque that the engine produces. You wouldn’t know it was turbocharged, it feels responsive, but it also has a serious amount of shove. Awesome power plant.

I love the carbon ceramic brakes, they will stop the car all day long without fading. Awesome stoppers, and yet they work equally well in the real world going down Waitrose for some milk.

I love just climbing into my car, firing it up and going out for a burn. When I’m driving my car I feel empowered and generous. It is such a nice place to be that I am really courteous. I let people out. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I like the way I feel like a true gentleman when I drive my M3.

People admire me as I drive, and occasionally I see myself in a show window, and I feel a rush of pride that I am driving such a wonderful car. I love muscle cars, and this certainly is one of those. Room for a baby seat in the back, and a set of golf clubs in the boot. Fantastic motor, in a fantastic colour, and such a joy to behold, to drive, so much fun.


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Law of Attraction

What you Think Matters a Lot (aka The Wealth Gap)

You are free. Why are you free? Because the only thing that matters is what you are thinking about. What you think sends out a signal to your cells, and to all of the other elements of the universe. The Universe is a musical universe, and like and like resonate in harmony with each other, much like tuning forks of the same pitch. When one fork resonates, another fork of the same frequency is activated along with it.

If your song is one of joy, you are vibrating joy, and you will see joy and attract joy wherever you go; yours is a joyful experience. If you think of abundance, of having more than enough of all that you need, your thoughts eventually form beliefs, which will play out in the world around you. Some people are born into this state of wealth and their journey to abundance is an easier one, for this reason:

Most people, even though they have the ability to think creatively, do not. They are conditional observers of life, not realising that all life is, is a representation of how people have been thinking in the past. Those observing wealth are wealthy, and those observing poverty are poor. This is the wealth gap, and it is growing bigger.

The wretched are the least attractive, because they have the worse affliction possible; that of negative thinking. Like a healthy flock of hens rejecting a lame bird, we instinctively know that being in the presence of such people is more likely to drag us down than lift us up. As we are conditioned to come to the aid of the wretched and to criticise the successful, we have moved away from nature’s way. Survival of the fittest has become the proliferation of the most wretched souls of all.

Most people think conditionally, they observe life, and give their thoughts to the things they are observing, to what those around them are thinking about, talking about and working on. As they observe these things, they form their beliefs around these ‘facts’ even though we make our own ‘facts’ by the thoughts we habitually think.

You have power and freedom because you, and you alone, can conjure thoughts in your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool, and your focus is what makes It work. Like a bell requires a striker to make it chime, your mind requires the power of applied focus to get your brain to tune into a musical note, and have that sound reverberate around the universe and when activated, to recognise in itself its equivalent. The human ear has the ability to hear the bell, it recognises the vibrations offered. And so it is with your emotional senses; once you have conjured a distinct vibration within, attuned yourself to whatever vibrations you have practiced, you will recognise their equivalents in the world without.

You are the one who focuses your mind. You have free will to think. Yet people willingly fill their heads with rubbish; things, circumstances, lifestyles, opinions and beliefs that they would never want to live. They have forgotten that all creation originates in the mind, as I have described. If they knew the power they held, they wouldn’t spend so much time focussing on what they didn’t want.

If only they understood that their emotions are trying to guide them away from what they don’t want (worry) towards what they do want (good feelings). It turns out our sixth sense (emotional feeling) was the most powerful sense of all. What separates you from the wild animals is your ability to imagine. Your creative power comes out of your attention to the subjects you want to live. What do you spend your time thinking about?

If you give your attention to what other people think about, then you are messing up your own chances of getting what you want. Nobody else, because they cannot think for you, can ruin your chances of success. If you disagree with another, and you spend your time expressing your disagreement of another’s ideas, you are actually voting for what the other person wants (this is the essence of politics, where the politician who pushes least against the other wins the day).

Let your parents, friends, lovers, husbands, wives and children have their own wishes and desires. What they think cannot affect you, unless you choose to think about what they want, and make it part of your own influence. As you focus on what you want, you will get a good feeling and your heart’s desire.

Mind your own business and live happily ever after.

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Get Addicted to Feeling Good

What is the root of all addiction, do you think? What is it that people are looking for in the compulsive action of the drink, the drug, the rush, the high? Why are terms like: “living for the weekend”, and “retail therapy” accepted parlance in the 21st century?

It all starts when we’re young. We are born as wise little bundles of pure love into families which are often anything but. We accept our lot, primarily because we don’t know any different. The cannibal child grows up to be a cannibal, because ‘that is the way things are done round here’. In the words of Philip Larkin

“They fuck you up, your mum and dad.

They may not mean to, but they do.

They fill you with the faults they had

And add some extra, just for you.


But they were fucked up in their turn

By fools in old-style hats and coats,

Who half the time were soppy-stern

And half at one another’s throats.”

We are born knowing only goodness, love and purity, but our mortal folks cannot stand the newborn spirit incarnate. Insecure in their own dysfunctional behaviour, they view the infant’s innocence and purity as too much to bear. It reminds the parent of their own sullied nature, and awakes the sadness and often rage at their own paradise lost. Just as a parent who has attended boarding school will often submit his own children to the same end, a parent will often ‘correct’ his naturally good offspring in the way that he was ‘corrected’, because he cannot bear facing the reality of what his life has become, and how different things might have been.

We’re born knowing everything we need to know, and we encounter willful adults, adults who we know more than. We put ourselves out there as the brighter, clearer, evolved species, and have the stuffing knocked out if us as we are systematically chopped down by our emotionally crippled ‘caregivers’.

We are ‘born into sin’, into the disconnected natures of those who went before, and therefore experience the loss of our connection to God at the hands of our ‘Loving’ parents, who in turn were brutalised, and their parents before them. The human condition is a chain of pain. It is possible to find ones way out the other side, but to allow the godness (goodness) of the child to prevail, we must not be threatened by it. The wrongness in our decrepit selves cannot bear the truth, and seeks to crush it, to correct it. But a person filled with the spirit of God not only bears witness to the pure young one, but knows where it is coming from (literally) and does everything they can to guide and foster the good in the young child.

As we are brutalised as young children, and wrenched from the goodness that we are, we seek solace from the emotional pain of our separation from God in activities which we find soothe or comfort us; computer games (don’t answer back or offer opinions), girls (they’re beauty is intoxicating) drinking alcohol (numbs our discomfort for at first), books and movies (hypnotic distraction) smoking pot and maybe taking harder party drugs like ecstasy and MDMA (which makes us feel love).

The more sensitive we are as individuals, the more our separation from our state of love ails us. We don’t realise it is mostly about how we have been trained (by those we grew up with) to see ourselves and the world around us, and that a simple change in perspective would start to turn it all around. But we’ve not yet found the benefit of meditation, of quieting the mind and releasing those uncomfortable thoughts. We have not yet learned that it’s ok to sit down inside a bad feeling, just acknowledging it for being what it is, not running away from it towards our usual distractions. Instead of running, we sit there and acknowledge: “I would like to feel better than I do, but I’m not going to do anything. I’m going to work this through in my mind.”

We’ve heard about the power of feeling good, that everything we want in life is because we want to feel good, and so instead of looking for the means to feel good; the girl, the new iphone, the cookies, the adrenaline fuelled activity, the joint, the binge eating, the fasting (two sides of the same coin), the compulsive shopping, we want to get right to the prize, so we start to sit there, in ourselves and start to think thoughts which feel a little better than where we currently are. For example:

“I’m doing ok, I’m having a pretty good day. I feel pretty calm and there’s nothing that I have to do right now. I am loved, if not by these people here, I know my inner being lives me. God loves me and thinks that I’m wonderful, and I’ve heard that I cannot get it wrong and I never get it done, because life is eternal. So I can’t make any mistakes. It only matters that I enjoy where I am now. I know that everything I want is about feeling good, and I’ve shown myself in the past that I can feel good regardless of what is going on in my life. I’m proud to say that I don’t need anyone to do anything differently for me to feel good. They are free to be as they be, I release them to their own lives, I give them the key to the city of freedom. I am doing pretty well where I am, I make small adjustments every day, and I am getting better and better at being selfish enough to focus in a way that makes me feel good. I am finding more and more that as I feel good, and try to hold onto that fun, easy going, free, relaxed, happy vibe, that not only do more and more people who feel like that come to me, but also I’m more likely to feel like that the next day and the next. I’m not where I ultimately want to be, but then again I never will be in that place. I will be forever changing into something more than I was, and I’m going to find ways of seeing my world in the best possible light I can. It may not be the best that I’ve ever felt, but I feel better now than I did a few minutes ago, and I did that through my own focus. I feel like I am more receptive to higher, better feeling thoughts, that I am well on my way to the path to feeling good.

Feeling good is all I want. I’ve been ‘in love’ with the world before and it was wonderful, I felt unconditional love for the world; everyone looked so beautiful, the sights and smells and sounds were exquisite. I love to feel like that, as much as I can, and I know I can do that just by focussing in a way that I feel really really wonderful. Feeling great is my place to be. I feel proud, I feel bright, I feel clever and interested, and interesting. I feel a sense of wonder at how magnificent the world is, and how cleverly all of the little pieces come together to make the whole. I like it that we are all playing our part in the game of life, working with each other and playing off each other to create these wonderful things that we do.

I love life, I’m eager for what is coming, and I appreciate the people I have in my life at the moment. I feel solid and secure and excited, and eager for more and powerful and pleased with myself. I love to do these little runs of good feeling thinking, starting where I am and building and building into better and better feeling thoughts until I am feeling myself again.

My inner being is love. I am only interested in the opinion of my inner being, that is it, nothing else matters. So when I talk myself into the same opinion as my inner being, I am in the place where I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I love feeling good, it is the only thing I care about anymore. I am addicted to feeling good.”

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You Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Don’t Fear Anything, Just Know what Fear Means

Does the word cult leader strike fear into your heart? Do you feel nervous or frightened when you think about being manipulated; that someone out there might have the power to assert themselves into your experience without your permission. Well, they can’t, and your emotions are explaining the whole situation to you.

What are Emotions and Why do we Have Them?

Most of our human teachers misunderstand emotions, what they are, and why we have them. They also misunderstand their power over us. Many see our emotions as an indictment of who we are. But actually our emotions are nothing more than an indication of our current vibe (vibration), and the degree to which our vibe tallies with the vibe of our source. We think that when we do something and feel bad, that it’s because we are bad, but our emotions just indicate how much our thoughts are aligned with (the same as) the thoughts of our inner being. Read on, and I’ll explain everything.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, actually, it’s not the past tense, God is still going about his work through the soil, rocks, plants, trees, water, animals and those creatures called human beings. That’s right, the life force is the God force, it is the consciousness in every living thing, and in every physical object down to the drop of water and clod of soil. Now, the source of all life is God. God is love, God is pure positivity, and God understands the Law of Attraction (see below).

The inner being, wonder child, God force, indwelling Christ, has many names. It matters not what you call that eternal, non-physical perspective of you, but it does matter enormously that you know that it is there, within you, always broadcasting thoughts to you of love, appreciation, joy, and wonder. Your emotions are your indicator of how your thoughts resonate, or deviate from the thoughts of your indwelling Christ.

God loves you unconditionally, but if you choose to criticise yourself, to view yourself in a derogatory light, you will feel what human beings call hate. It doesn’t mean that you are bad, it just means that God disagrees with your opinion of yourself, because God adores you, no matter what. God loves you Unconditionally. When your parent looked at you and told you that you were a bad child, you didn’t buy into their opinion because you knew that you were good, that God loves you no matter what, and so you disagreed with them, in the beginning at least. But they were bigger and stronger than you, and louder, and eventually they wore you down too, and when you listened to them, and agreed with their criticism of yourself, you felt bad, not because you were bad, but because your inner being adores you, and disagrees emotionally in any moment that you offer criticism of yourself or others.

Your inner God loves that other person too, yes even that guy who has taken a gun and killed a load of people. So if you condemn him or his behaviour and feel bad, it doesn’t mean that he is bad, it just means that your current opinion doesn’t resonate with the opinion of your God. Think of your attitude or vibe as being like a musical chord, and now think of your source energy, your inner being as being another chord. If you are both on the same vibe, you feel the harmony of your aligned thoughts through your emotions. But if you feel discordant, know that your thoughts are not tallying with the thoughts of your inner being. It’s like you’re playing in C# and your inner being is playing in C. In short, it’s not a pretty sound, and it doesn’t feel good.

Many teachers leave out ‘the God bit’ of the emotional explanation, and therefore the whole purpose of your emotions doesn’t make any sense to you. Any time you feel bad, it just means that your source of life, your inner being, disagrees with your current thought, with your current vibe, that’s all. If you deliberately offered thoughts of love all day, you would be in love, in love as your inner being is in love. Love is pure appreciation, and being in love is focussing in a way that resonates more purely with your inner being. You may find someone who is easy to appreciate, but that feeling (or lack of it) is all your doing.

Humans come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to explain why they feel the way they do. Many see their emotions as a bad thing, something to be conquered, something to be tamed. We shouldn’t fear our emotions, we just need to understand what they mean, and if we don’t like the way we feel, we can try to find better feeling thoughts.

Live and Let Live (aka Mind your own Business)

Everyone has their own path. There are many people living situations that you wouldn’t choose for yourself, situations that are serving them extremely well. Mind your own business. Stop trying to understand why anyone would want to do that, and get on with living your own life, focussing on what you want. The current state of affairs in the world is interesting; most people have more attention on what others are doings than they have on their own lives (thanks Mr Zuckerberg).

If you try to make sense of anyone else’s life it will eventually drive you potty, ultimately to the nut house. You have lived a totally unique life, completely your own, and your inner being has been living it with you, every step along the way. Your inner being has some great ideas about the paths you should follow to get you to where you want to go. How do you get there? Feel as good as you can, resonate on the same frequency as your inner being, yes that means thoughts of love and appreciation, and kindness no matter what, then you will be living in the flow of your inner being, and receptive to the ideas, thoughts, words and deeds which will come to you, and lead you in the right direction.

If you try to get involved with what anyone else is doing, you will almost certainly mess up your own connection to your inner being, and lose all inspiration, all perspective, and get nowhere fast. Mind your own business, and feel as good as you can on a daily basis.

What About the Bad People?

I really like Tom Cruise. There, I said it. I frequently joke that he is my favourite Scientologist. I am speaking partly tongue in cheek; but I do appreciate Tom Cruise, I think he’d be fun to have round for a dinner party (if you’re up for it Tom, leave me a message below). He’s a charismatic, fun, happy guy who makes for great screen presence. Although in his fifties now, Cruise is showing no signs of slowing down. That he also enjoys reading KSW (Keep Scientology Working….apparently), and is the top of the Scientology tree is not something that I would ever hold against him.

You see, I have no idea about Cruise’s past life, and what he finds helpful as a way to find his most useful path in life, and really it’s none of my business what he does. Do I fear the Church of Scientology? No. I have no ill thoughts about it, I love the scientologists, and so I feel fine when thinking about them, and the choices they may make for themselves. What about when I see myself exploring their material? I don’t feel bad, perhaps intrigued as to what they see of value in there. What about when I see myself joining the church of Scientology? That doesn’t feel so good. So my inner guidance is telling me that particular course of action is not for me, not based upon the life I’ve been living and the thoughts and beliefs I currently hold.

So it’s not for me, but does that mean that I should start an organisation which goes out of its way to exterminate the Church of Scientology, or anything else for that matter? Need I wage a war against these ‘troublemakers’ who think differently to me, to remove these people from the face of the earth, because they disagree with how I’m living my life? Of course not. They are free to live their lives as they choose. But can’t they hurt me? Nope, unless I think about them hurting me, and therefore include them in my life.

The Law of Attraction Sorts it All Out

There will come a time in 50 years or so, when the Law of Attraction is a widely understood concept. Taught to children in school, and therefore understood by the majority of adulls. People will act on the assumption that nobody out there can assert anything into anyone else’s life, and the controlling will stop and people will have the freedom they want, and the world will be a happier place.

You get what you think about, and because nobody can think for you, other than you, you have the ultimate say in everything that comes to you in life. You are in charge.

Want to experience the baddies? Focus on them, and the horror they inflict on others and feel really bad as you look into a place that your ever-loving inner being never looks. Really make that horror a part of your current emotional state, and you will end up seeing and eventually living the essence of it yourself.

What’s that? You want to live a happy life? Then focus upon living a happy life, and appreciate the elements of your current life which are happy, which match how you want to feel, and let the world bring you more of the same.

Want to be rich? Imagine how it feels to be rich, and get familiar with that feeling until it feels like you are living that life, and attract the situations, circumstances, people to allow it to happen.

Want to be poor for the rest of your life? Moan about rich people, how unfair the system is, how rich people are greedy for taking more than their fair share (I guess you’ll be different when you’re rich, won’t you?). Write a book, start a blog, push against what you don’t want, knowing in every moment that you are feeling bad, that you are off the track and moving further away from the goodness that you are seeking.

God feels good, bad feels bad. What better incentive to look in the direction of what we want than a yukky feeling emotion in the other direction. It’s the most supreme inner guidance. It can be felt over loud music, magnificent visual distraction, any number of overbearing sensory inputs. You can always feel when to follow your gut, but whether you choose to do so, is entirely up to you.

So, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. So don’t fear anything. Just know what it means, and let your emotions guide you towards thoughts which feel better to you, which indicates that they are leading you towards things that you want, rather than things that you don’t, and leave everyone else to create the lives that they choose for themselves, knowing that they cannot affect you, unless you choose to let them.

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What’s Up With Roy Masters?

Roy Masters is quite a controversial chap. Loved by some, lambasted by others, Roy has been running his “advice line” radio talk show counselling service since 1961, and has helped thousands gain clarity and insight into their human condition, helped many traumatised souls, including veteran soldiers with PTSD. Being a no-holds-barred kind of guy, with a distinctly religious fervour, Roy gets quite a lot of bad press. What’s up with that? Is he a bad man, or just misunderstood.

Roy Masters, was born Reuben Obermeister in 1928, into a family of Jewish diamond cutters of the famous Hatton Gardens district in London. As he grew up, Reuben was involved in the diamond business for a while, following the established family path before he attended a Vaudeville stage hypnotist event in Brighton which would change the path of his life forever. Amazed at the power of suggestion the hypnotist held, Reuben moved to the United States and became Roy Masters the master hypnotist and spent a number of years practicing hypnosis on his patients.

The story goes that he saw that the majority of the population were already hypnotised in their daily lives, and he wanted to help to de-hypnotise them, to help them to return to a more natural state, a state of grace with God. The insights gained in hypnosis have given Masters an acute awareness of the fallabilities of the human spirit, the roots of addictive behaviour, sickness and suffering (which his hypnosis patients were most likely seeking relief from), and the importance of family and particularly fathers when growing up. Masters has very strong, dividing opinions on these subjects.

From what I can gather, Masters is a spiritual but not religious man, and his opinions tend to appeal with those with formal religious training, and grate on those with none. He quotes the bible frequently, and is steeped in biblical terminology. Roy understands God and love, though his delivery and his approach is uniquely his. He is right when he says “you won’t hear this stuff anywhere else” and that is refreshing.

If you can look past his somewhat brash approach (for a man in his late eighties, Roy Masters is not pulling any punches, he tells it how he sees it), if you can listen without the judgement that Masters himself often employs when dealing with his own audience, you can hear his wisdom, his understanding, and most of the time (when he’s not getting frustrated and calling people “stupid jerks”) his love for humanity, and for God.

I’m am a seeker of the truth, a sensitive soul, touched by life in a way that I have been seeking a return to my connection with spirit for years, and so I relate to Roy Masters, and his message. Years before I could put it in to words, I was looking for a re-connection with the good feelings of my childhood. I therefore enjoy listening to different opinions, especially those who take the path less travelled, those who speak with fervour, and come out with alternative thinking (the majority of the press is saying the same thing, and it is not the truth in any way shape or form). I find Roy Masters’ ideas thought-provoking, but dare I say it, it is a bit too religious (and by that I mean ‘yukky’ feeling at times), the attitude of “I’m right and you’re wrong”, that all religions seems to adopt.

Call it “tough love” if you want, but there is something disturbing about Roy’s delivery which is bordering on bullying. I understand why he has to cut people off, or be tough with them, but he could be more loving. He needs to preserve his opinion over those who disagree with him, and do he comes across as judgemental. It is his unyielding attitude of “I’m right, and you’re wrong”, I’m quite sure, which has led many to ask is Roy Masters as a cult leader? He’s not a cult leader, but what he’s saying is tainted with a negativity which reveals his true nature. There’s something dark in there, something a bit sinister about the man. He speaks of love, and of getting the ego out of the way, and then in the same breath starts pushing against those who dislike his methods and saying “Nobody messes with Roy Masters”. Mmmmmm.

Law of Attraction – the Only thing Worth Knowing

Gaining a continually increasing understanding of the Law of Attraction (about the only thing that is worth studying), and having spent many many hours of my life listening to Esther Hicks’s Teachings of Abraham, I feel well grounded in the notion that You get what you think about.

Think of the human being as a radio-transmitter-receiver, with the ability to think (tune into) whatever vibe it chooses. As the mind focusses, thoughts, words and deeds which match the essence of the vibe of that thought are attracted to the thinking individual.

If you speak of love and appreciation until you feel it resonating throughout your body, your being will resonate with love, more thoughts of love will come, loving people will greet you, and your day will be a good one filled with the good feelings of love. Most people don’t realise that they can deliberately conjure a feeling of love just by focussing on the feeling of love, or by making a decision to focus on things to love and appreciate rather than on things to criticise.

Alternatively, you could choose to feel a sense of paranoia or fear about the world, that something is out to get you, and not only will more paranoid thoughts come to your mind, but you will attract paranoid people, and situations which contribute to your sense of paranoia. You might want to destroy evil, but you can’t. When you push against anything, you associate yourself with it, and you ask for it to come to you. If you learn anything in life, learn this.

How Do You Sort it All Out?

The one overarching factor which makes this world make sense, and something which I have learned from Esther Hicks, is that good feels good, and bad feels bad. Our emotions will guide us if we care about how we feel.

God is Love. We each have the spirit of God inside us, which has an opinion about whatever we are giving our attention to in any moment in time. That opinion is either matched by us, or not, and we can feel the level of agreement or disagreement of our own opinion with the opinion of our inner spirit by the way we feel.

Any time what you are thinking makes you feel bad, then know that your spirit, your in-dwelling God, does not agree with your current perspective. Think you’re a jerk? You will naturally feel bad, but this doesn’t mean you are bad, it just means that your inner being disagrees with your opinion about yourself, because your inner God-self thinks you are wonderful, no matter what you have done. Think Roy Masters is being a jerk? You will feel bad for judging Roy, because your inner spirit loves Roy unconditionally, no matter what he thinks about other people and the extent of their ’sinning’.

Your inner spirit is pure unconditional love, and any time you deviate from that love with thought word or deed, you will feel the dissonance of your two different vibrations. Your inner being understands the Law of Attraction; that you get what you think about, and is focussing on what you want, to help you to bring it about. But your inner being cannot create on your behalf, it can only guide you to focussing in the same way as it is focussed, by encouraging you to think along the same lines as it does, and you know you are on track by the way that you feel.

If you want to know what you really think about something, ask your inner being what it thinks about the subject at hand. If you feel good, when you think those thoughts, then you are right on track. Feel bad however, and you are off track. Listening to Masters espouse what he is calling ’the truth’ and feel bad when accepting his words? Then your inner being disagrees with quite a lot of what he is saying, just like your inner being disagreed when anyone criticised you when you were young. If Roy himself feels bad when giving an opinion (something which could be evidenced by his outbursts of impatience or anger) then Roy’s inner being thinks differently from Roy the human being too, and if Roy was as enlightened as he proclaims to be, he would know that his emotions are guiding him to see that in the specific moment that he condemns a fellow human being for living in sin; for having sex before marriage, or for cooking food and making it ’sullied’, or any of the many old fashioned, puritanical claims to ’right behaviour’ that Masters proposes, that he is the one who is out of line; out of line with his inner spirit’s opinion on the subjects at hand.

Masters’ work is interesting in that it appears to be delivered in most part from a basis of unworthiness, as is the case with much religious claptrap, it comes from a basis of a disconnection from God, from a sense that man is less than God not a part of God. This is old fashioned, outdated, nonsense that God wants you to put behind you. It has also been surpassed by modern day spiritual understanding. Man is the leading edge of what man calls God, he is not less than God, trying to grovel his way back to his glorified state whence he fell. If man wanted to be entirely holy, without ’sin’ he would have stayed in heaven and not come to earth to live a human, physical, emotional, sensual life, and he wouldn’t have the ability and blessing of God to make mistakes, and potentially cut himself off from God’s love (Hell on earth, the only place Hell exists). Or he would come back as a dog.

What’s your Frame of Reference?

Mindset is everything, and as I have explained your vibe is what brings all things to you. If you believe yourself unworthy; a fallen angel, a sinner, prideful, or egotistical (which all essentially mean the same thing), you are looking at the world from a perspective of lack. Lack of your own worthiness, lack of your own sense of goodness, lack of love for yourself and others (when you don’t love yourself you have nothing to give others) and this lack of love for yourself is the only thing you are doing wrong, and the primary reason you feel bad.

From this place of separation with God, from this place of feeling that you are wrong, you might find ways to describe your condition, and your attempts to seek that connection once more through the physical elements of your world, but nothing will restore connection to your indwelling God than connection to your indwelling God; not drugs, alcohol, pot, sex, women, money, cars, houses, fame, success.

What Roy Masters then puts into so many words in his books and on his talk show, particularly regarding sexuality, is a combination of a very old fashioned religious doctrine, combined with an attempt to describe how man (and woman) is looking for love in all the wrong places. It doesn’t necessarily mean that man is a sinner, or that man is a slavering beast. He might be, for example if he was very separated from his loving source energy, and if he believed that sexual activity was only for procreation, in his celibacy, in the denial of his perfectly natural impulses, he might very well be frustrated, and see others’ sexual behaviour as that of wild animals.

But alas, how we see the world says far more about us than it does about those we are judging. In this instance it is far more likely that the judgemental viewer is projecting onto others the offshoot of his own sexual repression. Being unable to relate, and believing that man is entirely this way, he tars all men with the same brush. But of course the world is much bigger than a human perspective can see. To see with God’s eyes you must have communion with God, you must love. And when you see the world through the eyes of love (through the eyes of God which is love), everyone is perfect just as they are, and all is well with the world.

A man who is in alignment with his source is not seeking anything outside of himself to make himself feel whole, and his behaviour is altogether very different to one who feels empty and is trying to fill the void with food, sex, stuff, adrenaline, drugs or alcohol. This is the wild insatiable ‘sexy beast’ that Masters describes, but it is very different from an aligned, loving human being. Once the true source of love is sought and found in the moment, the abuse of food, sex, drugs etc disappears. You were looking for love in all the wrong places. Enlightenment is a momentary state of being, not a benchmark achieved and maintained for evermore. If a human being announces they are an enlightened master, tear up their certificate. Even Jesus had bad days, like the day he was crucified.

Is Woman Evil?

As for the ‘devil woman’ concept. This is bordering on misogyny. One wonders what kind of upbringing Masters himself went through to come to the place where he is counselling abused individuals, and what relationship Masters has had with the women in his life which have led him to project so much hatred onto them. Women give birth to children, nurture them, and frequently condition them to seek their alignment from other individuals, from the external world, rather than seeking their joy inwardly. This is a major disservice to any child, as they are encouraged to follow the guidance of their mother rather than their own inner emotional guidance. But women are not the root of all evil. There is such a thing as a vampirical mother who sucks the spirit life from her children leaving them incapable of making their own way in the world, but these women are only passing on their teaching, their culture to the next generations, and unknowingly so. They are not evil, they are just doing the best they know how. Most of the time it is not very good, but what other choice do they have? Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

A War against Evil?

Good luck fighting your war against evil. Whatever you give your attention to, you will get more of. How then to deal with such human casualties? There is no other way than to treat the condition with love. You cannot shame someone into returning to that source connection, and finding connection is the only way they will stop looking to others, stuff, food etc. for sustenance.

Teaching people to love must be first and foremost demonstrated by any worthwhile teacher, we must each teach through our own example, and others may choose to ask us what we know, or they may not, but really what anyone else is up to is none of our business.

The ’original sin’ which Masters often speaks of is not some terrible falling from grace, it is simply part and parcel of the human earth experience. Like much of the bible, the story of Adam and Eve is not meant to be taken literally. Adam is man and Eve is woman, the Garden of Eden is heaven, and the Apple represents earthly sensual pleasure, as does Eve. For a human being to live a human experience, there must be badness for him to know his goodness, and there must be choice for him to be able to create what he wants, and choice means the potential to sin (If you want to understand more, I recommend Conversations with God series). We are each free to choose any thoughts that we want to focus upon. No one can think on our behalf. We may choose to give our attention to problems and live them, but that is our choice, and our negative emotion will indicate to us every step along the way that we are heading towards something we don’t want. We can have miserable lives if we choose, and our thoughts and eventual believes will back up our thoughts. In that sense, everyone gets to choose, and energy one is right, even Roy Masters.

Man is made in the image of God, man has indwelling Christ, something which Masters in his human frailty cannot see. He is so convinced that he is right, that he is, like a religious leader drowning in his own dogma, cutting himself off from greater truth and greater awareness which could also be his in the moment. God loves his children yes, all you sinners out there, even Roy Masters. Religion is a tool to control people, it does this through the use of negative emotion. When anyone tries to coerce you, wilfully, to do their bidding instead of your own, know that negative emotion may be one of their tools.

Masters, for all of his talk of love, is pretty mean to his listeners. But coming from broken families where abuse is prevalent, they are used to the experience and seem to tolerate his abusive and judgmental rants. Interestingly, Masters is ’guilty’ of many of the sins he expresses that others are guilty of. He mentions the improper use of the will, and judgemental behaviour, and yet he exhibits it frequently himself. I suppose the policeman and the criminal are not so different, and only separated by a thin blue line.

If you find Roy interesting, intriguing even, my advice would be to take what you like about his teaching, and leave the bits you don’t. Instead seek better feeling thoughts on those subjects, and better feeling teachers. Let your feelings guide you. Not me, Not your parents, and not anyone who claims they’re right and you’re wrong. There is no right and wrong, there are only things which feel better and things that feel worse, and if you’re feeling a little worse than you did before, you’re headed in the wrong direction.

A Blank Slate

Having said all of that, I am fascinated with what Masters has to say about sexuality, and the sexual turn-on being associated with some kind of childhood trauma. It is said that the sexual energy is very similar to the God-force energy, after all the urge to procreate must come from God, if it comes from anywhere. Roy explains that when a child is degraded or subjected to a traumatic event, it associates the event with a disconnection from source, from God. That experience becomes linked to a sexual arousal (a reconnection with God), a sexual awakening in the child. If children then are abused by parents, they can experience fetishes, homosexuality and other turn-ons related to the original traumatic event, and the lingering resentment held by the child toward an adult abuser. I suspect Masters learned all of this while deep in the subconscious minds of his hypnosis patients.

Masters also has great awareness of the male / female gender roles, the importance of a father, and of true love in a family situation and its effect on the children. I’m not sure I’d ever go so far as to call one way right and the other wrong. We must be allowed to choose our lives for ourselves, and neither Masters, nor any other human has a broad enough view to pass judgement on such a subject.

By all means learn how to meditate, but really there is no need for most of the rest of that stuff. You don’t need a tape to learn to meditate, set a timer for 20 minutes, close your eyes in a quiet and comfortable place, and focus on your breathing or something else which takes a little attention to do so, and let any thoughts which come to your mind go. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing. Presto. Meditation.

What this whole thing comes down to is the world would be a much easier place if people minded their own business, including all you parents out there. Your children are born knowing this stuff, until you talk it out of them. Law of Attraction will sort it all out. Focus on what you want, and let it come to you. Mind your own business, and get your sticky beak out of everyone else’s affairs. You don’t get to choose for them, and when you try to take all of that into consideration, it will drive you crazy, because you cannot control them, what they want, or what they are doing.

So thanks for the clarity Roy, a lot of what you say is good and true, I for one appreciate you doing what you do. People don’t like alternative thinkers. They challenge the established worldview and usually end up getting locked up, crucified, or having their heads cut off, or labelled as crazy by those who don’t understand them. God loves you and thanks you for your unique contribution.

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Are you Are you Responding to the Way your Body Feels or Telling your Body the Way you Want it to Feel?

Genius Consciousness

The cells of your body are genius consciousness. They know what to do, and left to their own devices, they would do very well. Non resistant animals in the wild do not suffer physical ailments, they are healthy and then they die. Pets, as they hang around with humans, pick up their negative vibes, and so we have vets.

Your cells are tied to your human consciousness. They make up your body, and they do your bidding. Want to raise your arm? Presto. Want to type a letter to your father? Easy. You have trained the cells of your body to respond in ways which give you the functionality, dexterity and agility you desire. You train them in stamina, fitness, power, and dexterity. You and your cells are tied together.

All consciousness receieves energy from the source of life, from god. Humans, and all of the cells in their bodies, are no exception. Source energy is a pure positive energy, which benefit those who are not resistant to receiving it. But your cells, as well as being inspired by the pure energy of life, are also influenced by you; what you think about yourself and what you think about your body, and they cooperate with your wishes.

Mind over Matter

If you believe that you can do somehting, your cells will cooperate with your wishes. There are stories told of superhuman acts, and those who defy logic by putting themselves in situations and not saying that they cannot do somethimg, and therefore demonstarting that they can; the man who ran 25 marathons in 25 days, the woman who picked up the overturned car to save her child trapped beneath; for those moments the “captian of the ship” didn’t say they could’t do it, and so their cells acquiesced to their demands.

So, “you get what you think about”, and most people are thinking about what they have got, so they get more. There’s no reason that we cannot be any physical size, shape, level of flexibility, dexterity, agility, and heath that we desire, but as is the case with most of creation by humans, instead of conjuring a feeling deliberately, we are focussing on reality.

“Reality is screwing up your life”

I came up with this picture to describe the situation. Life is a distraction from what we really want. We have the option to create whatever we want, but life, like a really engaging 3D-BluRay box set, is geting all of our attention instead. We would rather watch what someone else has created, than sit down and conjure our own thoughts and create our own reality. It turns out that reality is screwing up you life; the potential for your life to improve to the level and potential that you want. Instead of responding to the way your body feels, why not tell your body how you want it to feel? When you tell your body how you want it to feel, your cells will cooperate with what you are thinking.

Want to be slender? Imagine how you will feel when you are slender, trim and taught. You might be very far from that at the moment, but most of us can remember a time when we felt that way. The inproved state of being, the attention we were getting from members of the opposite sex, how we felt vibrant, glowing and beautiful, and felt a strong alignment with ourselves and a strong sexual energy within us. There are few things more beneficial that a really good feeling body; you take it with you everywhere you go, and it really is an external manifestation of who you are.

What is interesting is that it often snowballs from there. People often think that it is hard to create the body they want, as their past efforts have been hard work, and haven’t really amounted to much in terms of long standing results. You think starvation, hard physical exercise, and deprivation of things you want are the path to a good feeling body? Afraid not. There is no unhappy journey to a happy destination. The path to a good feeling body feels good all along the way.

1. Be Happy

When you are happy, you are not getting in the way of your cells’ function. They are pretty clever, just quietly getting on with the work of keeping your body running, while you go about your daily business. When you get out of their way, by not thinking negative thoughts and introducing negative energy which resists their function, you body will do very well.

Relax, try to feel as good as you can as often as you can. Drop any negativity and focus on the positives. If you get out of your cells’ way, they will develop a healthy metabolism and they will do extremely well. Feel a sense of ease, and you will not be in a state to experience dis-ease.

2. Imagine your Body the Way you Want it to Feel (Not the Way your Body Feels)

Spending a few quiet moments every day to imagine your body how you want it to feel. Make sure that you do this when you are in a lighthearted, playful mood. There’s no determination, but pure desire, which feels like wanting something and believing that it is possible to have it. The best time to visualise is after meditation or when you fell a sense of infinite possibility, not after you have just succumbed to another chocolate eclair and you are feeling guilty about it. That is not the time to deal with anything.

Wear loose clothes, or undo your belt, remove anything which reminds you of the current state of your body or your current reality. You want to go into your mind, and feel your imagination and not your current reality. For example, don’t do this exercise after eating an enormous meal, or when you feel bloated. As you close your eyes and imagine your body how you want it to feel, you might experience something like this:

“I like to feel slim and lithe and strong. My jeans are loose around my waist, and I have had to go up two notches on my belt to hold them up. My thighs are slimmer and more toned, and my hips are trim and muscular. I look forward to people putting their hands around my waist, and I notice now that they tend to do it more and more. When they touh me, their touch lingers, like they don’t really want to let go. In fact I notice that women are responding to me in a much more tactile manner in general. They want to feel my muscles, and so they ‘inadvertently’ touch me. They want to feel my slim waist and so they put their hands on my waist when we meet and kiss. My shoulders, back, upper body and arms all feel strong and powerful. I feel like I have huge strength and physical stamina, and it feels great. I move about with such ease, into and out of my car, up steps and walking down the road. When I run I feel like an unstoppable steam train, I feel I could run for hours. It feels like an effortless motion; power, and agility and neverending strength. It feels wonderful to feel this way. I feel really good, having a good feeling physical body is one of the most important things that I can do for myself, as everything else comes out of that. As I feel good, more good things come to me. It was actually really easy to create this, and really fun to see how powerful I am when I apply my focus to things which matter to me. My cells were cooperative in creating my view of myself. If I can do this with my body, I can do this with anything; money, work, love, and fun in life! I’m so happy!”

3. Act from that Good Feeling, Future Oriented Space

What is interesting is that once we conjure and manage to maintain this future oriented space, we are inspired from a whole new mindset in our behaviour. We have beliefs and expectations which are known by the universe, and which we are guided to by inspiration, when we get into a good feling space.

When we visualise a good feeling body, and we do it regularly, we get used to, and like the good feelings which accompay the vision. When we go to eat from this good feeling state of being, we like to stay feeling good and so we are inspired to actions which also feel good. In terms of food, that means eating things which we each individually believe benefts our bodies.

It all starts with the thought, and everything else leads on from there. But if you start with a negative self-image, if you are looking at reality, you are telling your cells to stay the same, and then using some action orientaiton to try to change things. This is going against the grain, and going against the way that life really works. This is why so many diets don’t work. The self image remained the same, and nothing significant changed.

Make your journey to a better body one that starts in imagination, and let all of your actions be inspired from that good feeling future place. A happy journey, to a happy destination.

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